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If you look at the top of this post, just under the header picture, you can see that our blog has a few extra pages tabs:
Now I would like to update you on features linked to the Errata Page.
Errata Page was established as a centralized location to get and share tricks, options, updates, and (hopefully not, but just in case) corrections for Road Home Quilting patterns.
So far so good. However, we need a great way to track the preferred notions for our patterns.
Hmmm......Ta-Da! Announcing- Shopping Here!
The New aStore Page

After much inquiry with notions catalogs, it seems the best way to identify our recommended products is by hosting our own Amazon Affiliates Store.  The RHQ aStore Page:
  • is an Amazon shopping cart
  • featuring our recommended quilty notions and books
  • but you can also search/shop all Amazon items from here
  • and we receive affiliate payments - Thank You Very Much!
  • most importantly - you can shop right along side the Errata Page Recommendations without having to run all over the internet
At this minute, the store is only partially set-up. But I wanted to alert you, loyal reader, to the unusual "under construction" appearance of our blog ASAP. Thanks for following our adventures!

Try it out- let us know how the new aStore is working for you! And when you are planning some Amazon holiday shopping, please remember to link here- it will help support this blog. Thank You!!

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