Letter from Home

This letter is an example of the hometown/insider news I'd like to share in our new Quilters' Clubhouse monthly newsletter.  You can subscribe here in our RHQ Etsy Shop. Newsletter package includes a FREE PDF pattern each quarter and other goodies. Please check it out!

Hey there! Or, I should say, Hay:

Here is the hay fire at Barney Farms. Burned for 3 days, the whole town smelled like cigars. Firemen kept it contained so it didn't' spread to nearby hay barns and - Heaven forbid!- manure beds. [Did you know that dairies don't just sell milk, they also sell fertilizer?]

Finally, on Sunday night, there was a HUGE rain. Looks like they bulldozed the remaining 7' deep flaming hay out into the storm, spreading it around thin on the ground for Mother Nature to douse the fire. [I wasn't there, only judging by the scene at Dawn's Early Light.]

Don't know how long it would have burned otherwise. I wonder what those guys on the tractors thought:  "impossible to be working in a storm like this," or "such a relief to have 3 day troubles finally ended!" What do you think?


Here is Alex's Concert Black I stitched for 1st choir concert of the new semester.  She picked this pattern from Etsy Treasury. Concert was amazing fun, they sang my fave, Java Jive!

Alex was worried about all the fuss I was making over her dress. "Why don't we just buy one, Mom?" Okay, I'll tell you why: 

I tried starting a formal wear business for extra $ when I was in college. One jade bridesmaid's dress, and I had to take down my shingle (ie: remove the sign from my dorm room door). I was nervous for weeks, convinced dress would fall apart as soon as she stepped onto church isle. 
So this was a test to see if I'm finally old enough for the big job of stitching formalwear.  Success- I only panicked for 3 days:)

One last bit of news, Amazon cancelled our aStore:(
Their email notification says: "We found your web site includes the unapproved use of Amazon.com trademarked images."  
They didn't give any specific citation. Could they be upset by my Breaking News post?
There is an appeals process, and if  this was a regular affiliate link style program, it wouldn't be a big deal to get it sorted out. [Did I ever tell you, I worked in Marketing Department at a newspaper? So I actually do understand branding, and I know I didn't do anything wrong.] But you were asked to support aStore, and it's not fair to make you a yo-yo in this approval process: shop aStore, no wait- it's closed, okay it's back on. Ack. That's no way to run a blog!
I'll keep trying to find a notions catalog that can fill the niche.
Are you an LQS owner? Or do you know one? Would you like your favorite quilt shop to replace aStore on this blog?  All ideas are welcome- contact roadhomequilting@yahoo.com :)
Thanks for Reading --Happy Quilting!
Me with Dumbledore near Hogwarts


  1. Sewing formal wear is stressful. I've only done a few in my life, but no more. Won't even do alterations.

    Sorry about your Amazon store.

  2. Thank you, Jackie, that means lots. You see, my cataract surgery is scheduled for next week, so the black-on-black work was extra hard, but especially the days of online work setting up aStore was a literal headache. If Amazon had given me an appeals deadline before erasing all my hard work, well... there's no reason for these bonus troubles is why I rant now. Thanks for listening:)


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