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Today's Totally Tech Tuesday report is on effective customer service - the way it should be!

I usually don't answer customer surveys. I think lawyers* write them to trap you into saying everything is fine before you actually haven't had time to test out if their customer service answers actually works. They ask you to rate service, and then they turn your answer into product endorsement.

But when Bloglovin' sent me an unsolicited survey, I made an exception and answered it.
Since I hadn't queried or complained first, I thought what-the-heck, maybe they seriously want my opinion.

So I let it be know I was having difficulty with Bloglovin' on my tablet, and do you know what?
Bloglovin' emailed me back!
And they fixed the problem, pronto!

Thanks to super tech guy Josh :)
Now I can read your blog with my morning coffee, my favorite way to start the day.
And finally, for better or for worse, I can leave you comments too.
*PS:  No dis, Perry Mason, you know I love you too;)

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