HARVEST for Quilters


This is a test.
I'm testing HARVEST, a small business management site, to track how much time it takes me to write a pattern, make the test quilt, and get it published. Come with me!

  • HARVEST tracks project steps by time or budget. 
  • You can have multiple project team members (such as stunt quilter, longarmer, photographer, see?) and track their time and expenses.
  • HARVEST graphs your progress! Sounds ideal for UFO busting, right?
  • You can even send yourself a HARVEST Time Sheet and pay yourself :)
Especially, I wish to track how long it takes to piece the quilt top, as I think this is useful information for a pattern to tell you.
Am I right? Do you shop patterns by how long they take to make? Do you trust the designer's estimates when they say, "can be made in a day?"
Please let me know in comments!

Here I have set-up a total quilt writing project with estimated hours for each task. When I start a job, I start the task timer. HARVEST logs the results for calculations and charts.

quilt project on harvest
[I had all the tasks listed in doing order, but HARVEST resorted them reverse alphabetically. I'm counting this as the first negative for the program. But it's not a deal breaker. Onward!]

Please tell me if you think I have estimated enough time for each task?
Assume full-sized double bed quilt. Or did I forget any tasks?

Here is a sneaky peek of our next quilt pattern, Blue Magnolia. I found some fabric I really like at Cutting Edge yesterday.
Blue is Island Batik and grey is Moda Grunge. Karen assured me the world wouldn't end if I mixed batik with other fabrics. But I'm still not sure....What do you think?

I love this Grunge. Look how many colors it has in plain gray! So I will use it for lots of things, even if we decide to get a new batik background for Blue Magnolia.



  1. It sounds very helpful. I think the cutting time would change by the size of the pieces needing to be cut, and the quilting on weather it was a long arm or your regular sewing machine.

  2. I hadn't heard of this site before. I'll be interested to see how you like it, and how close your estimates are.

    Batik goes with everything! So does Grunge! Carry on.


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