Harvest Update

It is so nice not to write timesheets!
Even if you use your phone's stop watch, you still have to make a record and play math. Right?
At first the HARVEST timer made me nervous, even though you don't see it running.
But once I got the hang of how easy it was...and started to remember the old days of writing time sheets.....WOW!
I predict this will be a great tool for staying on track in piecing.

Good to see my estimates were on track! So far.....

So, the drafting for Blue Magnolia went so well, I ended up with two settings!
Now I'll have to make 96 12" blocks to finish both examples. I know that's not a lot. But, you see, the plan started out as one 36 block quilt, just a little larger than Saguaro Sunset.

Math's not finished yet, but we already know where this is ending up......
Back to the LQS for more fabric):):)

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