Lavender Hunting

You should smell my car!
(LOL never thought I would write that)

Today I picked Lavender @Schnepf_Farms.
I had the best little time!
And now, my car smells heavenly for driving lavender home :)

I'm hoping to make a big batch of Lavender Jelly in time for Mother's Day. Thanks to Schnepf Farms, my goal is on track.
The UPICK garden here is pesticide free!
And since I pick myself, I know everything is kitchen ready.

Schnepf Farms is a treasure for our hometown. It's always been there for my family, through the seasons and through the years.  No matter if you need lavender, peaches, pumpkins, or hot chocolate,
Schnepf Farms is always the answer.

When Alex was little, we would go to Pancake Breakfast with Santa Claus at The Farm. What a surprise when Mrs. Claus showed up too! (oops---spoilers)
Now she is big, and she goes to Corn Maze with her friends.

I like the new Dirt Road Market some Saturday mornings.
Guess what Grandpa likes best at Schnepf Farms?

He loves riding the train :)
Do you have a favorite place in your neighborhood? Or a favorite quilt shop?
I'd love to hear about your find!

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