Schooled at Guild

To me, this is a fun word. Means I'm not too old to keep learning.
Here is what I learned at Guild this month:

rail batik from Indonesia travels

Batik from Indonesia.
It's the same on both sides--two quilt tops, sans batting!
Because it is so hot there, and because fabric is so expensive,
it would be crazy to use a giant run of cloth for a blanket.
1896 Smith
Old sewing machines were small- toy sized by modern standards.
Everything shown here is toy-sized.
Wilcox and Gibbs
First sewing machines were sold by door-to-door salesmen, on credit, $5 down.
In the 1850's, a home sewing machine cost $100. Household average annual salary, $500.
By WWI, Singer was a 4 billion/year international industry
Mr. Singer left America with his 5th wife when he was convicted of bigamy.
The 5th Mrs. Singer was the model for the Statue of Liberty.
Yes, I should have taken better notes. I was too amazed by this point.
crimper? pinking shear?
Gold net under the purple applique covers much sequins/beads, makes the whole thing glow!

Stars for the Road

Thanks for Reading!


  1. I have one of those tiny machines. Can you imagine?

  2. Jackie, what a treasure! Was it an heirloom? how did you find it? If I remember right, you have several vintage machines?


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