Lightning Label Friends

We have new jam friends!
Launching into jam production will require....
I want to tell you about our new friends Lightning Labels  because they have so many great things for our Etsy Shops:

  1. GREEN! Lightning Labels offers 16 types of labels plus a range of laminate finishes, including waterproof, removable, metalized, satin, UV, thermal, vellum, ........order a labels sample pack so you can check out all the options. Your Green Etsy shop can be Green right down to your labels. {Kitty Pearl likes water-resistant BIOSTONE for her new canning labels}
  2. BRANDING:  Etsians are always hunting clever branded gifts. Consider including your own shop bumper sticker or window decal in your next shipment! Order turnaround time is 2-3 days.
  3. PRO:  Take your shop to the next competitive level with tamper-evident seals, "squeezable" products labels, nutraceuticals (say that 3 times fast), barcodes, let the nice Lightning Labels Customer Service people sort it out for you. They even have specialized labels for lip-balm, wine, candles, lots more:)
  4. PLUS: No set-up/plate charge for your art, need I say more? Use Code MDAY2016 for -10%


  1. wait there's more - branded packing tape:

  2. Replies
    1. Garima, Hi, thanks for reading!
      What are you labeling? (LOL that sounds funny) Etsy shop?

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