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Todays Totally Tech Tuesday post is on....us :)

Please check out our updated Errata Page Tab top left of this post. See it? Errata/Hacks

We are getting a little spread out, with 4 patterns available in 2 formats on 3 channels, plus wholesale and library bundles. Coming soon, we will also have quilting books, BOM, plus patterns in more languages!
I can't wait:)
How can we corral all these options in one place?

And what about all the clever settings I find when writing patterns? Cool ideas that if I included them all in print, our patterns would be 20 pages, yikes!

Decided to update our Errata Page to serve as a Pattern Catalogue with Hacks.
Sound good?

Please stop here from time to time to see
  • what's coming
  • recommended notions
  • alternate settings
  • associated tutorials
  • available formats and languages
  • everything alpha indexed by pattern name!
And please comment with any wishes you'd like to see included here.
Thanks for reading!
Thread LUV
 and Happy Flag Day too!

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