Gift Wrapping Tools in the Studio

Road Home Quilting

Have you tried this tissue paper trick?
Here I'm stitching vinyl covers for our orchestra tympani on my old Brother. This vinyl is flocked on the back, not hard to stitch, as long as you stay right-sides-together.
But when you get to the part for flat-feld seams, then the vinyl just sticks to the foot and to the feed dogs. It won't move at all- Ack! You know what I mean.....
Road Home Quilting
The answer is tissue paper! Right, the same gift wrap stuff you use in presents.
Simply sandwich your seam with the tissue paper and stitch as normal. Then tear away the tissue paper same as you would stabilizer.
Bonus Tool:
Don't go distracted trying to pick out all those tiny tear-away pieces from your beautiful new seam.
An old vegetable scrubber is a great brush for getting tissue/stabilizer pieces out of stitches.

The other [gold] tool in play on the tympani covers is a wrapping paper cuff.  Maybe you already
have some in your wrapping paper stash? They come in medium and large sizes. I like these for keeping quilt sandwiches rolled when working inside sewing machine arm.

You know we love upcycling office supplies and kitchen tools in the studio. But until just now I hadn't realized how much my studio owes to wrapping paper.

Do you have any upcycle tool tricks for stitching? Do tell!! Thanks:)

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