Grandma's Secret

Grandma baked banana bread....constantly.
Once, I asked her, "Grandma, why do you like banana bread so much?"

Grandma smiled, and told us stories of growing up in the depression.
I thought she was changing the subject.

But when the others left the kitchen, she looked around to see that we were alone, then picked up her old wooden spoon and said.... "At the end of the month, when the cupboard is bare, you can always cook up some old bananas from the bottom of the freezer. Family believes it's a treat, see? They only see how much you love them. They have no idea they are on emergency rations."
So I always put old bananas into the freezer, just in case.
And I always cook banana bread at the end of the we need it or not.
So Family and friends always know how much they are loved.

My twist of Grandma's recipe:
  • butter instead of lard
  • 1/2 Splenda in the sugar
  • one egg instead of two
  • chocolate chips instead of walnuts
What did your Grandma tell you?


  1. I have an old Banana Bread recipe using no butter (or lard), from a cookbook during the depression. It's one of my favorite 'comfort food' recipes.

    1. Does your recipe use vegetable oil? I have a vintage zucchini bread recipe like that.
      I agree, banana bread rocks the comfort food cookbook:)

  2. Mmmm, banana bread. I just pulled some pre-mushed bananas out of the freezer today! I don't put anything extra in my bread, just swipe 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' on my slices after it cools. (I can't handle the texture of nuts or other "stuff" in breads.) I hope to make mine on Tuesday.


    1. Banana Bread and Butter is the best!!!
      Good idea, Brandy, smash bananas before freezing. LOL Grandma and I never thought of that.

  3. You are all so sweet to take time to read our story, thank you very much.


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