Kitty Pearl's Tea Towels

Here is something fun while we wait for the jelly to be done.
Kitty Pearl's Tea Towels

Kitty Pearl's Elegant Lavender Champagne Jelly
Kitty Pearl's Tea Towel
Yes, you guessed right, I made these with Spoonflower.
And I couldn't be more pleased! The Spoonflower tea towel is 55% linen and 5% cotton canvas,
110x48 thread count, the ideal flour sack "natural white."

Lots of starch too, so I could press in the tiniest of double-fold hems and get them over to the sew machine without any pins. I added hanging loops, too.

If you are making linen tea towels, don't try to double roll the corners.
Finish the crosswise (top and bottom) hems first, then hem the sides.
The corners seam to come out easier this way.

Kitty Pearl's Elegant Lavender Champagne Jelly

And don't use the quilting needle. It is too sharp and will shred your ribbon. Ribbon will pull out of the hem. Get a good quality ribbon and a regular needle.

You can go heavy on the tread, too. Like 45 weight, even something a little pearly.

I mention all this as I could find no tutorials for tea towels.
....OK, I admit, I didn't look all that hard.
Road Home Quilting Etsy

Remember, Jam is coming, for our blogiversary, August 6!
But if you can't wait (like me), you can find Kitty Pearl's Tea Towel in our RHQ Etsy Shop.

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