Watermelon Pickles

Road Home Quilting

These are so fun and easy to cook. Peeling the watermelon is a little tedious. But the recipe is easy.
From the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving, a Mother's Day present :)

I think these new-fangled seedless watermelons don't have enough rind. The whole giant watermelon only gave 3.5 pints of pickles. If you try this, I recommend hunting some heirloom watermelons. I believe they will be easier to peel, and give you way more pickles.
FYI- watermelon pickles are white.  So I added 2:1 yellow and blue food coloring to get this summery green color. Enjoy!

And did you see our new recipe last month, Blueberry Bow-Tie Pasta
It's an easy dish, full of summertime bounty. This is the recipe we invented for Grandpa on Father's Day when we were experimenting with the Ronco Pasta Machine.  It was so fun! Exactly like Playdoh, but with real dough LOL.

Look how many dies this machine has!! I can't even imagine what pastas come from all these.  Seems we'll have fun experimenting in pasta for quite some time :)
The book was a big help. Hazan's Classic Pasta Cookbook, shows how to make every pasta by hand. Lots of cool recipes too, for pasta and for sauces. Really! I'm talking about squid ink pasta and sweet potato ravioli. For $0.99, I recommend this investment for your cookbook library. Pasta will never be boring again :)
Alex contemplates mixing pasta

Coming Soon! Lavendar-Champagne Jelly

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