HST Double Timesavers

Quilting is a big job. It takes a long time to make a quilt.
So any timesaver, no matter how tiny, can add up.
Anything that keeps you from getting worn out, I say, helps get you to a finish instead of a UFO.

So....this is sew simple. I suspect you are doing this already, and just forgot to tell me?

HST:  Sew 2 squares together to make 2 half-square-triangle patches: 
This is a timesaver because you get to make triangles without ever messing with the bias edge.
Plus it saves you some cutting.
  • Press a square in half on the diagonal so it is folded into a triangle.
  • Put two squares right sides together with the ironed/lined patch on top.
  • Stitch on each side the line. Correct: - 2 parallel stitching lines, each 1/4" from diagonal line.
  • Cut on the pressing line between the two stitching lines.
  • Press open - presto! 2 HST Patches

Here is the tiny timesaver:
Don't just chain-piece the HSTs, double chain-piece them!
  • Don't cut any threads until all the sewing is done.
  • When you get to the end of the first line of chain-stitching, turn around the end patch and chain-piece in the other direction, stitching the second line on all patches.


  1. :( Sorry someone forgot to share this with you. :)

    1. LOL Thanks you, Jackie :) What else don't I know?


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