Retreat Survey

My neighbor is turning his golf course house into a vacation rental home.
I recommended he make one room into a quilt/crafts studio. So golf widows could have a private retreat while hubby was out on links. And so he could host off-season girlfriends retreats.

Thanks everyone on Twitter who agreed this was a super idea. Now would you help with a few more particulars? What would your dream retreat house studio be like?

Would you bring your own machine?
Would you use a longarm, if it was available?
Would you like to ship ahead quilts to finish, or only start projects form scratch?
What dream tools would your ideal retreat stock?
Would you like news of local classes, or prefer focus on your own work during retreat?
What is your favorite cutting table?

What crafts do you do on retreats?
What tools would you like in a dream craft studio?
How many members in your Girlfriends/Sisters crafting retreat?
How many years have you made group crafting retreats?
What month is your annual retreat?

Have you ever managed a retreat house? Any advice??

Thanks! Wouldn't it be fun if this really happens?
Anyhow, thanks for dreaming with me :)


  1. Ok, here goes. I'd prefer to work with my own machine.

  2. I've been to quite a few quilt retreats. Most were bring your own stuff retreats, from projects to tools. It Is best if the retreat provides cutting and pressing, and sewing machine work areas. A few irons would be helpful. Good lighting is a must. A cutting table surface is ideally at least 18" x 24", and is 33-35 inches high. I prefer to concentrate on my own project, but would appreciate information about local resources. No, I probably not use a longarm.


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