Bellini Monte Cristo

New Bellini Jam is ideal for monte cristos!

Free international shipping when you order any two jams at Kitty Pearl's Emporium.
Made with Utah peaches and Prosecco. 

 Monte Cristos are easy & elegant French Toast sandwiches. But just in case you haven't heard, I'll detail the recipe here:
  • make sandwiches with Kitty Pearl's Peach Bellini Jam, whipped cream cheese, deli ham. [Alex likes to add bacon - precooked, of course]
  • make French Toast batter:  1 egg for every person at brunch, plus an extra egg. Add 1/2 as much milk as there are eggs. Pinch of salt. Teaspoon of vanilla.
  • Dip sandwiches in egg batter. Cover all sides of sandwiches with egg batter. Fry until browned.
  • Serve with powdered sugar and maple syrup. Yum!!
Also try Kitty Pearl's Hot Apricot Jam for a uniquly spicy-sweet Monte Cristo. 

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