Researching Sherlock's Quilt

Sherlock's Quilt serial story is taking way longer than planned.
Here are my research tools,
if you too are interested in Victorian/Edwardian London and Sherlock Holmes:

by Victorian Secrets Press
by Peter Ackroyd
the original stories as they first appeared in "The Strand," 
with Sidney Paget drawing
by DK Publishing
by Maria Konnikova
by Christopher J. Moore
In the meantime, and coincidentally enough, also of a Victorian London theme:

Bah! Humbug! pattern coming next month.
Yes, actually in time for holiday quilting. I can't believe it either. A Christmas Miracle of UFOs:)


  1. Hey, well, any progress is good progress right? My sewing room is pretty clean right now, we had to take everything in there to my parent's so the assessor could get to the water heater (which is in the closet in that room) so it looks great! Now I need to bring back the 8 storage containers we filled and load them all back into the closet, haha! Thank you again very much for the stories, I really appreciate them. :)


    1. Hi Brandy, that's great news, a studio restart! Very glad your water heater is OK:)


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