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I found a new app for senior care.
Just launched last August, Nancy.Care is a free services platform with providers vetted for understanding homebound seniors.

You can schedule home cleaning, house-call haircuts, repairs, yardwork, etc.
But most importantly, there are caregiver helpers too! You can schedule grocery delivery, a meal delivery, or a ride, without having to show 3 years of tax returns, doctors notes, and join a daily service. You know, the novel idea of just getting the help you need, only when you need it, simple:)

Plus, the Nancy App syncs between family members, making it easy to
  • transfer care
  • share info/faves
  • share billing
We haven't had occasion to try Nancy yet, so this is not an endorsement or a review, just spreading the news, in case you take care of somebody too. Or maybe you have a service and would like to join up to help people in special circumstances?

And please shout out if you know of another service that would help us in taking care of Grandpa.

Speaking of new services, the new Etsy Pattern store platform is awesome! Even my OCD self (or CDO in alphabetical order hahahaha), who has to check every single clicky space, only spent 10 minutes setting it up. And it looks WOW, everything I hoped for - check it out.
Now people can shop Kitty Pearl's Emporium without having to be Etsy members!
Road Home Quilting
made to order
Best holiday deal is your own custom made case of jam with gift tags, for holiday giving, hostess or party favors. An especially unique present for corporate gifting!

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