Aquarius' Quilt

The age of 18!

Can you believe, my baby turned 18 this week? I can't LOL:)

So I made her a tiny travel quilt, an Aquarius quilted pillow case, to keep her cozy when she goes off to college in the frozen north.

Really glad I had enough star fabrics on hand for this impromptu project.

Aquarius turned out to be an easy but extra fun design. I think I'll write it as a full sized pattern.
What colors should we use for the cover model? I guess the "water" should be more blue....
What do you like for a background color?


  1. this would look great with a turqouise background - nice pattern :-)

  2. Hey- I have an awesome geometric turquoise in the stash! Thanks!!
    Houston, we have a plan:)


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