Handwork Lettering

I'm looking for a script suitable for lettering in slow stitching.
Do you have a go-to script for hand work projects?

This is the third time I've done this.
Although I like every project to be different.....
Let's face it, there are few scripts ideal for a quick outline stitching project.

So I've decided to go on and catalogue my favorites here.
You know, stop reinventing the wheel everytime I do this.

Bradley Hand
Eras Light
Malgun Gothic
MV Boli
Source Code Pro
Tempus Sanz
And, have you tried Jazz? It's music symbol script! very cool :)

Not a very picturesque post, I admit. Especially as Blogger won't carry any of these fancy scripts, 
so all we get is a roll call.
Hopefully, this will save us all some work later on:)

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