New Pectin-Free Jams

Lots of kitchen work this weekend, and we have 4 new jam flavors to introduce,
including pectin-free jams:

Blueberry-Limeade Jam
(sugar-free & pectin-free)

Blackberry-Vanilla Jam
(sugar-free & pectin-free)

Blackberry Brandy Jam

Hibiscus Jelly

Thanksgiving Jam

Thankfully, these are selling out. So let me know which you are interested in, and I will get cooking:)
Remember, Kitty Pearl's Jam has FREE Shipping in the US, 
and you don't need an Etsy account to shop Pattern:

Kitty Pearl's Hibiscus Jelly - Kitty Pearl's Emporium
new sugar-free Hibiscus Jelly

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