Novelty Bags

A neighbor wants bags for their farmer's market. Not a problem:)
Especially as they are supplying the novelty prints!

This first one is from pre-quilted yardage. There is stabilizer in the band, and 1/4" binding on the handles. This was fun, and I like how it looks with 4 fabrics.

For the casino bag, I diamond quilted 2 novelty prints with regular foot and guide arm. I made big 1.5" diamonds in Warm & Natural scraps. This time the stabilizer is in the straps instead of the band. This bag took forever.

Next time I'll try a loftier craft bat, and smaller quilting motifs, more like the premade stars-n-stripes. And I need to do something to save time on these. Maybe fusible batting and a full lining, instead of the reversible band?
Do you have any timesaving tricks for bag design?

Coming next......Nascar!

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