No Fuss Nesting Bag Corners

Is this hipster?
I was going for hipster style messenger bags LOL.

Anyhow, here are more novelty fabric bags, this time... reversible :)

Reversible is so cool, don't you think? You get not one, but two, cool fabrics. And the functionality of the thing is also doubled. I love reversible!

I'm using fusible hem tape to help in nesting the bag corners.

Yes, I could cut off the boxing triangles. But for me, that is still too bulky. And I worry they won't be strong enough. Likely they will tear out, as I always carry too many books :0
Easier to nest bag corners with triangles in place.

A touch of fusible right at seam-line makes sure one set stays up, and one stays down/in.

What are you making for holiday gifting?

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