Strong Stitches

Alex stitched this for Grandpa's birthday.

Did I ever tell you, our Grandpa is a real weightlifter? Yes, since he was 14 years old.
Here are some of his early trophies from the 1950s:

This week is Dad's 74th birthday = 60 years of weightlifting!

Dad hurt his back earlier this year, and now he has a walker.
So I made Ale's stitchery into a patch pocket for a walker tote.
Just what every weightlifter needs:)

More Trick Triangles

Inspired by Sew Excited Quilts
Headed East & West
Thanks to @SewExcitedQuilts, this is the perfect block I've been hunting for my new
To make Headed East & West with Triangles-On-A-Roll paper, you will need:
  • 9 spaces of 60 degree triangle roll paper
  • 4 color 6.5" triangles
  • 5 background 6.5" triangles
  • 4 background blocks, 6.5" square (for corners)
  • 1 color 7.25" square
  • 1 background 7.25" square
The 7.25" squares are for the center patch Quarter-Square-Triangles, and yes this will make two center patches.  Do you know a more economical method for QST that is just as fast and accurate?
After cutting the triangles in half, you will also have two half-triangle background pieces left over. Again, all in the name of speed.
Pearl says, assemble as a 9 patch.
This block trims to a giant 18.5".
Thanks for introducing me to this fun block, Jackie!
Can't wait to make some more:)

Adventure of the Traveling Spork

Stitched a pocket so Alex can pack her fancy spork to school in her book bag.

Cute kitcheny fabric, right? With enough blue Alex will be pleased. My first adventure in oilcloth:) Of course I got this fabric from Modern June.
LUV her book,
Sewing with Oilcloth, It was everything I needed to be brave and dive into something new (albeit tiny), without wasting time on too many learning curve errors.  Thanks, Kelly!

Like this tip from the book for "ironing" oilcloth by parking it in the sun.

Actually, this picture is wrong. Not until I put fabric face down on the pavers, then it worked. Blowdryer also worked well for ironing out wrinkles in folded oilcloth.

I discovered stitching oilcloth is a lot like stitching jeans. It acts like a heavy fabric. That's why I went with top-stitching down the pocket flap instead of Velcro or whatever else. The stitching line, and the tapered ends, were the only nudges it needed to stay in place.

Also tapered the inside of pocket to make picking up spork easier. Probably could have gone lower/steeper in this cut. Hmmm....will have to ask Alex how this part works out.

I was worried that oilcloth would stick to my foot. (Yes, I know how weird that sounds! I also know that you know exactly what I mean;) Singer's 4 feed dogs did fine moving this adventure fabric, once they got started. So just like jean sewing,
  • Use a leader scrap to get things going and eliminate bobbin tangles on startup.
  • Reinforce corners with backstitching.

Any ideas what you can do with oilcloth scraps?  Sew cute! 
Do tell - hat have you tried?

Star Trek Stitching

Star Trek turns 50 next year!
Dad used to have the whole family sit on the couch to watch Captain Kirk and Spok on
our tiny 9" b/w TV.
I wanted to be Uhura when I grew up and even named my Barbie after her. Last week, Grandpa and I watched Tribbles with Alex on the retro TV Chanel. She laughed the whole time.

How do you remember Star Trek? Bet that memory is worthy of a quilt;)
And what could be more Totally Tech Tuesday than Star Trek fabric? So, without further ado...
Here are some fun fan fabrics to help with your project:

Spoonflower has +40 Star Trek fabrics and panel projects! I'm sure there will be more to come next year. Here are my 3 faves:

  Phaser Fabric LOL
 Mid-Century Modern

Camelot Fabrics Has 7 Star Trek collections that include flannel and felt. Ask at your LQS.

They also offer 5 FREE online PDF pattern for quilts, totes, and stuff, like these adorable baby booties!

And while we are here at Camelot, I have to say, LUV this silver metallic hexagon print from the Heavy Metal line.
Or.....we could all make Star Trek Halloween costumes?  Anybody?

Trick Triangles

I've been playing with 60degree Triangles-On-a-Roll foundation piecing paper.....

....and then,  I cut each triangle in half......

and made "half-square" Rectangles :) :) :)

Here are some fun block ideas with my new HSRs. HTR?
What should we call these?
I'm liking this strange shape in batik and black.

Not sure which way to go with them yet.

I'll keep playing :) You too!

Quilt On!

2 Quilt Drafting Apps

I know there are great softwares that help you draft quilts.
But I'm a graph paper and colored pencil kind of girl.
And I know there are MANY drawing apps, and photo editor apps, too.
But I just need some simple colored shapes for pattern illustrations.

Geometry Pad
 So I was super glad to find this geometry teacher app, Geometry Pad

You can work on a graph and create any shape just by touching points. I like this "blueprint" view:)
Then, Geometry Pad even calculates area and all other imaginable measurements of your shape.
Align shapes by use of a cute horseshoe magnet snap tool.
Click the counter [showing above: -7+] to change the number of sides on your shape!
Free, but you must buy the $6 upgrade to save/share work.
  1. After drawing is finished, change Settings to remove graphing background.
  2. Double Tap drawing to open Shape Menu,
    • for adding color/fill.
    • erase Name to remove coordinate letters.

Quilt Design
I'm also enamored of Quilt Design:
 "Lets you create paper-pieced block quilt designs!"
Super easy. Tracks layers on a square as you set one edge's alignment. Really, easier than it sounds.
Option to print in b/w PDF :) :) Only for Android Tablet?

Can't wait to play with these clever quilty apps!
But Alex is right, I should only write one pattern at a time......HA:)

Vote for Cover Model

Been working on this jelly-roll tessellating saguaros for ages.
Carolee quilted it for me- Thank goodness, or I would still be working on it:)
Thanks also to everyone on Facebook who helped name our new pattern, Saguaro Sunset.

Today I finished the technical part of pattern writing. Now need to work out the graphics. Then...printing!
Help me pick a the picture for the pattern cover?
Please vote which cover model pose you like best :)
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