Springtime Progress

I added a border on the Ten Cent Quilt, and finished outlining the "coins."
Currently unsewing the gold sulky flowers I planned to add.

Road Home Quilting
Ten Cent Quilt

My orchid tree is making the most of springtime.

Orchid Tree
Hong Kong Orchid

But Apricot tree in the back yard is yet to be heard from. It's getting late - if he doesn't show some green by St. Patrick's Day, I'll have to admit something is wrong. Rootbound, possibly? I sure hope not.

In the mean time, this book is helping me sooo much:
Writing the Modern Mystery by Barbara Norville is genius.

Barb use examples from her life as an editor to explain everything so calmly; from outlining to characters to background. If you'd like to try Barbara's book, please use this Alibris affiliate link. Thanks!

It's hard to take time to write when there are so many quilts to finish, but it's also nice to be learning new tricks and see the page-by-page progress.
Good luck to you in all your endeavors!
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ten Cent Quilt

Road Home Quilting
Ten "coins"
This is my first effort at ombre background; it was easier than I expected.

Road Home Quilting
I love how the focus fabrics change as their background does.
Road Home Quilting

See what I mean? 
Road Home Quilting
misplaced ombre
In the end, there was only one little wing that didn't match.
I had left the backing corners in place, so it was easy to change the misplaced piece.
Hardly any opportunities for nesting in this design. In fact, there are only 3 matching seams. Plus a giant y-seam. So piecing relied on accurate cutting and pressing.
Which I like:)

No Fuss Nesting Bag Corners

Is this hipster?
I was going for hipster style messenger bags LOL.

Anyhow, here are more novelty fabric bags, this time... reversible :)

Reversible is so cool, don't you think? You get not one, but two, cool fabrics. And the functionality of the thing is also doubled. I love reversible!

I'm using fusible hem tape to help in nesting the bag corners.

Yes, I could cut off the boxing triangles. But for me, that is still too bulky. And I worry they won't be strong enough. Likely they will tear out, as I always carry too many books :0
Easier to nest bag corners with triangles in place.

A touch of fusible right at seam-line makes sure one set stays up, and one stays down/in.

What are you making for holiday gifting?
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