October Auction Small Quilts

It was a dark and stormy night...

Really!  Didn't think I would get to attend small quilt auction at guild last night. I travel 30 miles to guild meets. Not fun with flash floods warnings all day.
But the storm cleared around sunset, and Alex helped making diner and medications for her Grandpa, and I hadn't been to a quilt show in a long time so....off I go.

And glad I did! I got to share 2 witch hats in auction, which were well received, thanks ladies:)
Here are my faves from the mini quilt show auction:

Swoon Houses! Look- the doorways are fussy cut with tiny women. Sew Clever! LUV when a classic pattern gets a unique twist. Totally worth the trip!

Halloween Cat and Moon: Just adorable applique. I never think of batik for moon and starts. Darlene's quilts always make me smile.

Applique Bouquet:  LUV a scrappy background. This one is extra clever;

"tablecloth" portion of background is quilted with crosshatches, to differentiate from rest of background. Can you see?

Witch Sue:  Most Sues are applique, but this one is very cleverly foundation pieced. Sparkly star stickers added on her hat. Cute!

Quiltigami:  Origami kimono, first I've seen in real life! This works extra nice as a single block study, don't you think?

Simple & Sweet:  I never find cute fabric like this! Extra simple runner -oval framed with bias binding before cool border fabric- showcases fun fabrics. sorry only partial pic.

....And the storm stayed away until I returned to my own neighborhood:)
It's been a busy month with emergency plumbing and car repairs. Focus between surprises has been to try and  finishing witch hats for the RHQ Etsy Shop, so I haven't stopped to put up Holiday decorations yet. Mini quilt show was just what I needed to get in the holiday spirit.

Do you have Halloween quilts to share? I'd love to see them!!!  You are welcome to post onon
 Commemorative Quilting FB Page.

Hostess Gifts and Contest

Here is a roundup of Hostess Gifts.
Remember, this holiday season we are celebrating those who work so hard to make holidays happens, YOU - the Hostess!

Etsy Treasury:  Clever, fun gifts under $45.
      Hope you'll find some new ideas here for untraditional presents:)

RHQ Pinterest Board: DIY Hostess Gifts
and of course, what would homey themed gift giving be without...
     Mason Jar Gifts!

Coming next, we'll post a new tutorial for the most classic Hostess Gift of all time, The Wine Carry.
Our extra homey design will have special materials.....can you guess?
We will send you the "cover model" carry if you are the first to COMMENT with correct guess!

TTT Bonus: How big should your wine carry be? What's the difference between "Magnum," "Melchior," and that Riesling in a Cat? Link here for an excellent chart on wine bottle sizes.

All Points Patchwork review

Quilty Book Review:
All Points Patchwork
by Diane Gilleland (CraftyPod)

Look, how adorable! The layout of this latest EPP book just tickles me:

front and back covers show front and back of an elaborate EPP block:)

Storey Publishing and Diane Gilleland have made complicated illustrations easy to understand, and very fun. [I know, because I drew similar illustrations for our RHQ EPP Tutorial.]
Diane describes every type of English Paper Piecing form, how each is best covered (in fabric, of course:), with several design options for all shape.
No matter what the feature; skinny points, curves, every size angle...all are covered here;)

And covered EQUALLY! Too often EPP books claim to be comprehensive, but really only focus on hexagons. This book actually is comprehensive, with every shape receiving it's own chapter comparing differing construction methods. Now you'll know when to glue EPP seam allowances, and when its best to stich through the papers.

Beginning chapters review all the different ways to make templates and cardstock forms. If you're planning to draw your own papers, you'll appreciate Diane's simplified geometry lessons for drafting. Contemporary tools like paper punches and marking pens are also included.

Best of all is the extensive in text cross referencing.  For example,
"Bet you're wondering how to xyz about now? Remember we answered that back on page 000." Makes my librarian's heart happy:)

This is the first quilty book review to be featured in our new RHQaStore
Shop All Points Patchwork right here from the aStore Tab above.
You can also find our preferred EPP Tools here in their own eStore Category.
Or, use the Amazon logo/link in the top left menu to shop all Amazon products.
I was inspired by the new projects in All Points Patchwork.
Some are 3-D, some are applique, all are clever and would be fun to make. 

I have always wanted to try some Apple Cores. Diane's book has the cutest design for an embroidered apple core applique dish towel. Hope I'll get to try it out, soon!
[This picture isn't it. I wouldn't post copyrighted stuff here, and ruin he book for you! This is another cool apple core design of the Apple-a-Day bloghop project from CraftyPod]

So, the moral of the Storey is, don't be afraid of EPP. If you are beginner, here is everything you need to know in one adorable, inspiring package. And if you are an expert, you'll still find advice on new EPP shapes you haven't tried yet, plus plenty of fun projects.
   What new EPP shapes are you inspired to work on?
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