The Knickers are Coming

I gotta try this!
Are you like me, can't ever find "knickers" that are cute enough?
Or maybe we just love the British way of saying "knickers"?
Finally, here is a fun answer to all of the above:

Projects size 8-18 inspired by DIY Knickers workshop/parties at  Flo-Jo Boutique,
a fabric and haberdashery store in Bristol.
Don't worry, I'm not going to show you what I make....maybe;)

Please Stand By

Is this awesome or what?!? 
Fandango Digital did it. You can shop her Store on Etsy.

We are, obviously, ready to launch Jam. The plan was for Mother's Day, remember? But now Alex and I have an amazing opportunity in music. Alex gets to attend a sporanos' workshop with a genuine Opera Diva! I get to accompany both Alex and Diva on piano. So, I'll be practicing instead of cooking.

This is the good part of having home biz, right? That you can change plans? To me it seems as though nothing ever gets finished. But it is my Mother's Day, and I wouldn't miss this for anything. That I know for sure.

Happy Mother's Day to You! 
I hope all your plans work out.

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