Liberty Angel Quilt

Even in summer, some houses become so cold that you think you can see snow falling, but if you turn off the air conditioning the whole house becomes a sun. Mom's new Flag Day quilt is the perfect size for a lap quilt to keep you warm from your air conditioner. Or maybe it will be a baby quilt for a cute little someone with a summertime birthday. I would like to take this quilt on a trip to a cabin by a lake. Perfect for picnic and watching fireworks! Plus, if you're looking for matching decors, Mom also made a matching mugrugs (check 'em out here). 

If you look closely, you can see stars quilted allover. 

Those quilted stars from the above picture are stitched by following the stars on the backing fabric! Nice pattern, right? 

 See that yellow star? Mom had the best idea of putting yellow and red stars on the inner border, applique style! Hearts are quilted in the red corner blocks. 
She also made round corners with the Dresden patches of the outer border. And there is crappy binding to match the red and blue sequencing.

 Mom found this awesome Liberty Angel fabric which is the main panel in the middle.
More design notes on our Threadbias page.

This quilt stands at the peak of perfection thanks to our models! Lookin' good!

Vintage Squared

My favorite quilt models just stopped by! Now I can show you two vintage covers I have been gifted.
Very windy afternoon, quilt models have a hard job.
Look at all the lovely cheddar!
What is this block? Kind of a road that goes in a circle.
Here is the other one. I'm sure they are both made by the same quilter. Very scrappy, lots of poor patches. Same fabrics in both. Depression Era? Same sizes in everything: stitches, patches, blocks...
And what do you call this block?
If I had all day I would photo each of these yummy old fabrics for you to see.
Dust storm coming, show-n-tell must end, quick!
One for the road.

Flag Plate Mug Rug

A quick Summertime project, very easy Flag Plate Mug Rug is made from Dresden Plate Wedges with reverse applique center and bias tape binding. Can be created completely from scraps!

Add an optional verso applique as a guide for quilting interest.  Flag finishes 10.5" diameter.

4" Dresden wedges created with Easy Dresden Ruler, or you can cut wedges 4" long with 1" wide base and 2-1/4" top. Requires 22 total wedges. Cut 7 blue wedges, 7 red, and 8 white. You will also need a 6.5" scrap for center, a 12" scrap of batting and 12" square of backing fabric.
Optional: fussy cut a clever shape and apply ironon interfacing for verso applique.

Stitch blue pieces together along 4" sides. 1" base will be in the center, and wide top edge of edges will be on the outside of "plate" or wreath. Next, starting with white peace, alternate red and white pieces until flag is complete.  [In this example, red stripe fabric are the 7 "red" wedges, and 8 "white" wedge placements are a combination of solid red and white scraps.]
Press in one direction. From the back of your flag, press seam allowances clockwise or counterclockwise. Press center circle under 1/4". Tack center seam allowance in place with glue stick or basting glue.

Choose a scrap about 6.5" square for the center of plate. With right sides up, align plate Flag and center with basting spray or pins. Hold in front of a light or window to check alignment of center piece.

With 12" square scraps of batting and backing fabric, create "Quilt Sandwich":  Layer flag with center scrap over batting and backing.  Hold together with basting spray and/or pins.
Stitch around center circle. Stitch through all layers including the pressed under (glued) seam allowance. Seam allowance will be a scant 1/4" from edge of plate center.
Here is what first stitching looks like from back. Good job! You just finished a reverse applique circle :)
Optional: Add a decorative fusible applique to the backing fabric. Pick something that will create an interesting shape on the top of your quilt when you stitch around it. Next, start stitching in the ditch.  [Stitch on top of the wedge seams.] Be sure NOT to stich through applique shape.
Once you have finished all the stitching, trim the batting and backing to match Flag plate top.
Only one more step to finish! Bind Flag quilt with purchased 1/2" extra wide double fold bias tape. Follow package instructions. [This binding color is Stone Blue, a near denim blue that goes well with red and blue.]
Long may she wave!

Quilt my Chairs

Pinterest convinced me I could do this. Time to refinish ye 'ol dinning room chairs.
Yes, this is my dining room chair. I know, yikes, right?
"Chair, meet Drill."
This soft sanding attachment was less than a $1 at the hardware store.
[Why aren't quilty tools always that cheap? Just sayin'.]
You could use sandpaper instead. But, hey, if you have a drill...
You'll also need:
screwdriver (ask your chair what kind)
mallet (optional)
old towel
old quilt :)
staple gun
3 spraypaints: primer, dark blue, black

Looks better already right? Here's how it goes:
  • take seat off chair w/ screwdriver.
  • sand chair (but don't sand cane back - I learned)
  • dust with old dishtowel
  • spray with primer
  • spray with blue spraypaint
  • spray with black spraypaint
It's VERY dry here, so I only waited 15 minutes between spray coats.
You may want to let them dry longer. 

  • Wrap quilt remnant right over old seat cover (pretend you're wrapping a present) and staple in place.

  • Fit chair onto seat. Mallet is handy for making alignments.
  • Screw chair to seat. [I found screws went right through old quilt, no need to pre-drill holes.]
Seat is covered with more of the old Northern Star remnant.
I takes two coats of spraypaint to cover primer. Blue undercoat gives a nice glow and keeps new black paint from being too stark with old quilt, don't you think?
But wait there's more -
I painted blue roses on top of chair back.
{Did I ever tell you how I learned to paint? Didn't think I would survive Alex's first day of kindergarten, so I invited all the Mom's on the street for a Donna Dewberry painting party to keep me busy until school was out. Hired a craft teacher for the party and we all learned to paint.}

House's House Quilt

This is relevant under the heading of Quilt Watching. Don't you just love when quilts turn up in unexpected places?

Speaking of unexpected finds...discovered this Hugh Laurie album in Starbucks a year ago. That's right - Dr. House is a killer jazz pianist. Honest!
[here is the link since YouTube is refusing to show in post:

Didn't It Rain album is simply excellent. [See what I Mean!? Evenin' is my FAVE. Which one is yours?]  All superb musicians with The Copper Bottom Band.
Take time to read Mr. Laurie's liner notes!!! Equally superb writing.

So after a year of dreaming and waiting impatiently, yes stamping my little foot the entire time, HL & The Copper Bottom Band [with  Elizabeth "Trombonista" Lea -  showstopper extraordinaire!] finally came to town! We got tickets third row center!! And this is what we saw!!!

House Quilt :)
In the spirit of One For My Baby...and One More For the Road (which they bring to a new standard on this album, btw), here is our original favorite Hugh Laurie piano, from way back, remember Jeeves and Wooster?
"Oh, and one for yourself...of course."

Ironing Aide

LUV this June Taylor Ironing Board Cover. Pressing straight saves me so much time in squaring up blocks! This was totally worth the reasonable investment.
However, my extra wide Target "surfboard" doesn't allow enough drop to securely tighten the cover and it gaps like this:  aarrgg!

Or it did! Until I found these giant rubber bands at the grocery store:

These are designed for securing trash can liners, but they were easy to repurpose for Quiltland with ye ol' foolproof safety pins:
Step 1
Step 2: TaDone!

Flag Day Quilting

Finally dove in the r/w/b stash. I only meant to finish this adorable Debbie Mumm panel.

Instead, I came out with 3 projects!
Decided the panel was so perfect alone that I only need add borders. Inner border has simple corner blocks with Debbie's starts (from panel surround) added in raw edge applique.
The outer border was really fun! I used my favorite Easy Dresden Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman to make 4" wedges for my round corner border; instructions here.

However, this time (because the 4" pieces were smaller and because I wanted lots of blue against the red corner blocks) I used 5 wedges on each corner point and gathered them to fit:

Well, I had so many wedges left over, I was able to make 4 Dresden Plate Flags.
Dresden Plate Flag by Road Home Quilting
So how should I finish these? 11" diameter Dresden plates. Please give me your ideas!

Lastly I salvaged a silk screened flag remnant someone had donated to my stash. But two of the red stripes had been cut off, so I wasn't sure what to do with the poor old thing. Finally decided it could work as two Flag Day Banners.
Finished with simple rolled seam. There are grommets at the top corners for hanging, and Velcro pockets on the bottom - to fill with trinkets (washers, rocks, anything heavy) so Banners will hang straight and not fly around. Will it work? I'll let you know on Flag Day tomorrow :)
This should have been the simplest of my 3 Flag Day projects but, you guessed it, turned out to be tricky splitting the stars. Have you noticed the way stars are tilted on our Flag? Well, thankfully there is enough blue between stars to get full seam allowances for both sides. But one side has single star points, and the other side finishes in double points! And hardest of all to figure out, the stripes only aligned well with the single point side. Here you can see on the double point side how I fudged the red line by growing the seam finish width:
I actually have a reason for ranting like this. The moral of this story is, please tell me, was 1/2 a day entirely too long to spend on a salvage project?
Pearl helps sort Dresden pieces
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