Random Desert Table Runner

  Here is the first Pattern Hack on our new Pattern Catalogue Page!
Easy bordered table runner finishing 27"x36" using the Random Desert improve blocks.
Again, RHQ pattern hacks are cool bonus ideas not included with the original pattern printing.
Random Desert Table Runner:  27"x36"
Trim 1" from each side of TWO Saguaro Blocks. [4 cuts]
Cut a piece of fabric 9"x18": Green, background/sky, panel? All options would work well here.
Attach trimmed Saguaro Blocks at each end of new cut piece to create "Center."
[Saguaro Tops face in, Ground patches should be on outside.]
Assemble random blocks to create 34" long "Row."
[Trim block sides as necessary to achieve length.]
Add Ground strips to both end sides of Row.
Press Up.
Attach a border row on each side of Center, nesting Ground Patches.
[Cactus tops face in, Ground patches should be on outside.]
Quilt as desired.
Bind with green Ground Strip.

RHQ Catalogue

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Decided to update our Errata Page to serve as a Pattern Catalogue with Hacks.
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