Home on the Range

I couldn't resist-  had to stitch Home on the Range around these kitschy Alexander Henry 2000 "from the hip" cowgirls. 

With Insul-Bright heat reflective lining AND Warm & Natural batting, they were extra puffy to quilt and bind, sure, but they turned out ideal for a giant mug-rug, hot-pad or trivet.

I went with the Sego lettering. With the variegated orange floss, I think it looks like rope. But Alex, our real artist, prefers the complimentary gold floss, and she's usually right. So I made half with gold stitchery.
Alex likes the gold floss lettering

There are five 10"  9-patchesd square-rounds, and five 12" sawtooth stars. All have hanging loops and Teflon backing fabric. So you can wash and dry (on low), but please don't microwave. 

Road Home Quilting
Teflon backing fabric so cool!

I thought these would be fun Mother's Day presents:)
There is enough fabric left, I can make a few more. So if they sell-out and you still need one, please let me know.

New Pectin-Free Jams

Lots of kitchen work this weekend, and we have 4 new jam flavors to introduce,
including pectin-free jams:

Blueberry-Limeade Jam
(sugar-free & pectin-free)

Blackberry-Vanilla Jam
(sugar-free & pectin-free)

Blackberry Brandy Jam

Hibiscus Jelly

Thanksgiving Jam

Thankfully, these are selling out. So let me know which you are interested in, and I will get cooking:)
Remember, Kitty Pearl's Jam has FREE Shipping in the US, 
and you don't need an Etsy account to shop Pattern:

Kitty Pearl's Hibiscus Jelly - Kitty Pearl's Emporium
new sugar-free Hibiscus Jelly

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