Handy Pumpkins

I'm having so much fun with cotton yarn. It is making me perfect my crochet tension.

I'm trying filet pumpkin washcloths. It's been a bit tricky to get them square, while keeping the pumpkins round enough.

Any suggestions?
What edge finish do you like for washcloths?

Miracle Grout Cleaner

I was saving up for professional steam cleaning of my kitchen grout.
And you can see why....
Here is a close-up. [close your eyes if you are squeamish]
Then, I discovered a miracle grout cleaner.
Best of all, it is very AFFORDABLE.
[Don't ask me how I know this.
...Ok, I will tell, but it will cost you a pitcher of margaritas.]

No scrubbing required!
Just leave the bowl cleaner on the grout for one hour. It wipes right off. EASY!
Ta Da!
Sorry pro floor cleaners, I won't need you after all.

My baby has moved away to college.  It has been 20 days.
I am still coping by cleaning.  (You should see my closets.)
Also, I am cooking all new recipes. None of our old family favorite foods allowed....until she returns.
Hopefully, I will be quilting again soon.
Maybe I can post some quilty news here next week.
 In the mean time,
do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share?
Do you know any cleaning tricks?

30 minute Tree Skirt

You recognize this, right?

It's the old felt blanket with satin binding from the garage.
Or maybe you keep yours in the trunk of the car? You know what I mean:)

I thought it would be fun to craft up the old blanket.....into Tree Skirts:)

This Kitschy Christmas Craft book says tree skirts make fun holiday capes and skirts.
Kitschy Xmas!
Kitschy Xmas!
Did you ever wear a tree skirt? LOL do tell!
I kept my project simple:  only one yard wide, no piecing, just fun holiday fabrics, quicky large meander quilting, turn under hem, using the old blanket for backing/batting.

I did have fun with the closures.

One has silver rickrack ties:

This one has buttons! 

I've always wondered, how wide is a tree skirt supposed to be?

Button Pictures

This amuses me more than I can describe.
I love fences, and I love pumpkins (no idea why),
and I have saved these buttons for ages.

Finally made a project with them-
and it is even finished in time for Autumn:)
The small jute bag was $3.99 @JoAnn's.
I used a blunt cross-stitch needle for stitching.
The tree is felt, and put on with a brown floss running stitch.
The same floss is used for outline stitching the horizon line.
Orange and white thread tacked on the buttons.
Then I backed the inside of the bag with Washi Tape, (so my stitches won't catch on anything inside my new tote.)
Designing Details:
Begin with the larger elements in the picture, then placement of the smaller bits will be simple.
Plan to include a horizon line, otherwise your art will be floating in space.
Dark colors recede, and seem farther away, creating depth of field in your picture.
Remember to included negative space too- don't feel like you have to fill up every open area.
Shank buttons provide an opportunity for layering.
Your beautiful buttons will each stand out, and your picture will have more interest, if you work to alternate:
RHQ Etsy:  There are 35 buttons in this collage. We added themed sets of 35 buttons to our Etsy Studio shop, in case you'd like to make one too.  Assorted sets include orange, pink and pastel (in case you'd prefer a springtime tree.) More buttons are available in our Vintage Treasures section. Enjoy!

Custom Dolls

Meet Alwina
 She is a very special gift, 
made by custom doll artist Molly B. Vehon.
 Can you believe all the beautiful details? 
Authentic Prim handpainted face.
 Check out the tiny zombie stitches!
I got to pick the white pumpkin fabric:)
You know how hard it is to get dolls perfectly stuffed like this!
Plus, Alwina's coffee stained hands and feet are scented with cinnamon,
just another extra charming detail.

What, you'd like your own custom doll?
Or maybe you now someone who needs a gift doll??
Molly can make you a doll for any/every season.
Convo with crochet artist T.Allie of 918 Girl Creations  to get in touch with Molly.


How I finally learned to crochet

This is Magical Motifs Vest designed by Ellen Gormley from the Spring 2013 #5 issue of Crochet 1-2-3 (Valu-Publishing), made with Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in the recommended #205 Caribbean, and yes, it has taken me all these 4 years to finish.
When I started working on this, I didn't even know you could "CL in ring" or "around."
I believed every crochet stitch had to be IN a stitch.
Imagine my shock when I got to the picot LOL

Friends gave me impromptu crochet lessons...but I had so much to learn.
The equivalent of learning to ski at the top of a black diamond run, right?

Finally, I found a crochet book with a GREAT illustrated glossary.
(I confess, I am old school. Video training frustrates me.)
This little Leisure Arts book by Melissa Leapman did the trick, 
Hats and Scarves:  12 Designs to Crochet
Here I even learned double treble. Plus, there's more fun projects to fit my new well earned crochet addiction.
Need books? Please shop our Alibris affiliate badge in right sidebar. Thanks!
Vest has eleven 5-row doilies joined by rosettes.
I'm impressed with Ellen's design

The variegated "Caribbean" yarn brings it all together.
 That smile makes it all worth the finish:)

Home on the Range

I couldn't resist-  had to stitch Home on the Range around these kitschy Alexander Henry 2000 "from the hip" cowgirls. 

With Insul-Bright heat reflective lining AND Warm & Natural batting, they were extra puffy to quilt and bind, sure, but they turned out ideal for a giant mug-rug, hot-pad or trivet.

I went with the Sego lettering. With the variegated orange floss, I think it looks like rope. But Alex, our real artist, prefers the complimentary gold floss, and she's usually right. So I made half with gold stitchery.
Alex likes the gold floss lettering

There are five 10"  9-patchesd square-rounds, and five 12" sawtooth stars. All have hanging loops and Teflon backing fabric. So you can wash and dry (on low), but please don't microwave. 

Road Home Quilting
Teflon backing fabric so cool!

I thought these would be fun Mother's Day presents:)
There is enough fabric left, I can make a few more. So if they sell-out and you still need one, please let me know.

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