more upcycle tools

Love when I can repurpose vintage treasures or office supplies for quilting tools.

These giant paper clips from World Market turned out ideal for....

you guessed it:) holding scrolls on sew machine.

In this case, holding my triangles-on-a-roll while I make some big 6" batik & black 60* triangles.
Which I will tell you about soon:)

Blue House

I started this as one my final project attempts for Quilt It Challenge! I wanted to go ahead and finish this dream project, a whole-cloth table runner.

I know you can't see it very well. I chose the new Connecting Threads variegated thread Denim Blues, which is great! Except I put it on closely matching large print fabric.

This is a Mary Engelbreit house in the woods. Love her art! Maybe I should spend more time on some thread painting to help the picture show up better? However, I'm having trouble deciding where the negative spaces should be....

What I am proud of - and why I wanted to finish this Challenge- is the free hand feathers. Not traditional feathers as I have been practicing, but more stylized to fit the "ME" picture. And it worked! At last I know how to talk to my machine:)

But this runner did not want to be finished! LOL Ran out of blue denim binding....

I still say variegated thread is a great choice for adding visual interest to whole-cloth works. Can't wait to use all my new CT variegated threads [Item No. 21289: I received set of 10 for Mother's Day!] on more whole cloth projects.

To be continued.....

Three Bears in the Little Wood

One bear equals a lonely bear. Many bears equals a party. Mom has created a party of bears. Afters seeing Tracy's bear, our friends and neighbors had asked for one themselves. She has made seven bears so far, all of them cute and fluffy! Mom made one for me too:)

 Here are my friends' bears and my own bear having a nice sit. My bear likes to hang out with friends.

My bear is peaceful!

Love should always be with you.
So far all the bears are having a good time in our house. My friends, the "quilt models," will pick up their bears tomorrow.


Our friend Janet Hansen taught Alex her great stitchery skills.
I especially look forward to this time of year
with back-to-school, and coming of the Autumn boutique season.
Always an extra joy to see Janet and her husband Doug at craft shows.
Each season, Janet shared fun new designs,
and news of her travels visiting family throughout the year.
I think Janet would be proud of Alex's latest work.
This notebook cover is for a special kindergarten friend.
Alex doesn't mind changing thread often to get lots of colors in her stitchery.
Alex stitched Hello Kitty from one of her old coloring books.
Then I quilted the gingham setting with flannel backing
to keep the notebook from slipping out.
I have no doubt....
Someday, Alex will teach someone stitchery too.
And she will tell them how she learned from Janet.

upcycle tools

Have you tried this?
My old music stand is always the right height for reading patterns :)
This is a silly sort post about repurposing vintage treasures.
What to do with the old ashtray stand?
We don't even have company that smokes anymore.
But it's still a lovely sturdy piece of furniture,
glass ashtray now a threadcatcher
 ideal for corralling my pincushion, seam ripper, and every necessary thing
to enjoy some quiet handwork time in my favorite chair.

Voting matters

I really do have a Liberty Tiara I wear on Election Days. What, you thought I was kidding?
Almost 100 years since we first received voting privileges in this country. Cause to celebrate!
Plus I can't wait to see all the Commemorative Quilts this centennial will inspire!!

Speaking of Commemorative Quilting (see what I did there), our table of coming commemorative events is out of date. Apologies! Another casualty of my self reflection time out. But I'm committed to catching up, if you'll help me?

What anniversaries interest you? Will you be quilting about them? I hope so. Commemoratives add an extra element of expression to our art, and keep alive the oldest traditions of our craft. Please share your news here or on Commemorative Quilting Facebook Page. Promise I will compile responses (and add my best Librarian research) in time for planning the New Year's UFOs :)

Here is Pearl with a sneak peek of my coming Commemorative Quilt:  Flora of our State

I'm waiting on budget considerations to resolve themselves before investing in the ideal border fabric (you know how that goes), then I'll be able to show you the whole finished flimsy. And you can advise me how to quilt it!
pressing strips for Saguaro Jelly
Thanks for your help:) Thanks for reading:)

Prickly Pear Saga

There it goes....
the prickly pear cactus I make jam from.
New neighbors from New England bought the cactus house across the street.
They really don't like stickers.
These guys sure work fast.
Only took them an hour to load their whole pickup with cacti.
Feng Shui says you must throw things out to make room for new blessings to arrive.
I'm looking forward to meeting the new neighbors.....
.....but they won't be getting jam for Christmas LOL
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