Chocolate Orange Vinaigrette

HI! A quick cooking post to say we are still here :)

Chocolate Orange Vinaigrette
1/3 cup Chocolate Olive Oil
juice of one orange
1/4 cup Champagne vinegar
3 Tablespoons minced garlic
3 Tablespoons chopped cilantro
2 Tablespoons honey
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
*mix well*
I tried my new culinary invention out on some brave company with mixed greens and sourdough rolls. They all liked it; even the non-salad friendly at table. Hope your company will enjoy it too :)
Where do you find our secret ingredient, chocolate olive oil? We are fortunate to have a genuine olive press in our neighborhood, with tons of unique flavored olive oils and vinegars! You can shop Queen Creek Olive Mill online.
We have lots more quilty news to blog about this spring. Hope you will stay tuned for:
Thanks for reading - Happy Springtime!

Christmas Surprise!

Everyone says Christmas is about giving. Most of us would agree, but it also feels good to get something as well ;) As this holiday is coming, we give and receive.
From our friend, Diane (@ddrquilter), we received beautiful, hand-crafted presents, plus the gift of an unexpected surprise in the mail.

 Isn't the cactus mug rug cute? It looks perfect. Hand quilted too!
It says, "Life can be prickly, friends make it sweet."

 Diane has neat craftsmanship skills! Pretty rainbow colors too:)

I got the fancy pillowcase! How did she know blue was my favorite color?

And there's also a prickly pear coffee mug for Mom. She says every morning, "Coffee tastes better with prickly pears on my mug."
(Mom and Diane are huge coffee fanatics. You should see all their coffee pins.)

Thank you for all the super sweet presents Diane, and the wonderful surprise too! We absolutely adore them!! Where did you get the time to make them?
Merry Christmas!
And thank you too, our first 100 RHQ Followers for your kind gift of taking time to read our posts.  We are sew glad you are here! Wishing each of you all the very best in the New Year.

Triangle Roll Trees

I used 36 degree Triangles on a Roll to piece a forest for my wintry quilt. 36 Triangles make ideal Christmas trees. Use the same Triangle Roll foundation paper to piece trunks for your trees. Here is what I mean: 

Use 36 degree Triangle on a Roll Ruler to cut green (tree) and blue (sky) 6" triangle. You need one more blue than green pieces. Follow Triangle on a Roll paper instructions or Tutorial to Sew & Fold tree tops.

Cut 2.5" strips of blue (sky) and enough 1.5" x 2.5" brown (trunks) to match the number of trees you have pieced.

Using the same Triangle on a Roll paper, working right to left, center one trunk at the point of a "sky" (upside down) triangle. I like glue stick to hold first piece in place.

  1. Right sides together, stitch blue/sky strip to left side of  brown/trunk piece. Fold blue piece open.
  2. Align next trunk piece over blue strip, right sides together, 1/4" from center of next down triangle point. Pin in place. Stitch on left side.
  3. Cut blue strip 1/4" from stitching line. Fold trunk piece open (right side up).  Return to step one.

When all trunks have been pieced, match tree paper roll to trunk paper roll. Right sides together, tops of rolls facing.
Mark center of first tree and first trunk to align rolls.

Follow stitching line on roll, stitching 1" from edge of paper for perfectly matched forest.

Quilt As Desired

Quilt as Desired
Quilt as desired
This brand new day,
A blank potential dream.
How will you fill your present?
Stitch a silver lining
On the pattern of your days.
Ombre dawn to dusk
Bind with bedtime prayers.
No matter how simple,
four patches of hope.
Cotton plans and promises,
border with joy.
Honest patches
Sing Thanksgiving.
Send the warmth of home
To landscapes forever far.
Quilt as desired,
I know what I'll wish.
Always a stitch closer,
To seeing you again.
Happy Poetry Day:) ---Kitty Pearl

Coffee Day Quilting

In celebration of Coffee Day (and to help me remember how), I'm posting directions for coffee/tea cup doodle all-over quilting design. Grab a cuppa and join me :)

Begin with an oval, closing on side. Doesn't matter which side. This is the rim of your cup.

Next, stitch/draw the bowl of your cup; just loop from finished edge of oval to opposite side.

Now make a handle.  Start just below rim and finish half way down side of bowl. Be as loopy as you dare!


Here is the only tricky part; adding the saucer. After handle, follow bowl to where it begins to curve into bottom of cup. Right there, break away in opposite direction. Now scoop back around mug with an echo of bottom of cup line.  Close the saucer loop when you reach the opposite turning edge of cup. Try to match the same curve that your saucer started with. Very free hand. I know, scary, right?

You can quit here and wander off to start a new mug, or follow the side-rim of cup up to the top center and draw a steam curl before you leave. Either way, here is where you'll want to spin your project so your next mug is in a different direction. Unless you're in the border, and you just want a row of cups and saucers all facing the same way.
Later, Percolator :)

How the Bear Travels

Remember that bear that tried to steal the food out of your picnic? Oh, wait, that's not the bear I was thinking of. It's the one that gets to travel to Russia! Yes, the bear that travels to Russia is the one I'm thinking of. If you don't remember, here is the story of how Mom made a bear.

Tracy is our friend from Community Choir. She is traveling to Kiev with her husband to pick up their new adopted kid. I bet children there will be so jealous of the bear their kid will get, and everyone will just want to hug that cute thing!

Mom likes making bears now. Here is a new blue bear she has made. This one too is waiting for just the right eye buttons to come along.
Very best wishes to Tracy, family, and bear. Safe travels!

Quilt It! Double Time

The last section of our Quilt It! Challenge is 3 Reverse-T blocks.  For July & August practice, (apologies for being so far behind on blogging), I experimented with quilt doodles.

I had sew much fun! I wanted to develop a go-to background pattern that could work in many sizes. Here are coffee/tea cups & saucers, and a damask style rose.

Percolator corner sets :) I worked these as small as I dared to get lots of practice drawing coffee doodles.

At first, I like the coffee design best. But after looking at these practice blocks for a while....

Now I see that the roses are a better design. Because of the leaves. They breakup the space and actually make the rose doodles clearer.

What can I add to the coffee doodles to create more visual interest?
  • More/larger percolators?
  • Steam curls?
In my next Quilt It! post I'll show how I drew cups and saucers in continuous line.

Only one more Reverse-T Block for our last (September) Quilt It! Challenge practice. Do you have suggestions for what else I need to learn in machine quilting?
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