Handwork Lettering

I'm looking for a script suitable for lettering in slow stitching.
Do you have a go-to script for hand work projects?

This is the third time I've done this.
Although I like every project to be different.....
Let's face it, there are few scripts ideal for a quick outline stitching project.

So I've decided to go on and catalogue my favorites here.
You know, stop reinventing the wheel everytime I do this.

Bradley Hand
Eras Light
Malgun Gothic
MV Boli
Source Code Pro
Tempus Sanz
And, have you tried Jazz? It's music symbol script! very cool :)

Not a very picturesque post, I admit. Especially as Blogger won't carry any of these fancy scripts, 
so all we get is a roll call.
Hopefully, this will save us all some work later on:)

A New Old Desk

Uncle Terry shipped me his heirloom desk.

It is so huge, no one else in the family had room for it.
And it had been stored outdoors for more than a year. Alex and I spent two days moving furniture and polishing. I can recommend this restoration kit:

Look! Now I can work on 5 projects at once!

And Alex's old desk that I was sewing on, makes a perfect ironing station.

Can't hardly believe I was ever making quilts on that tiny yard sale find.
Alex made me paint it pink when she was 4 years old LOL.

So now, I guess we have two heirloom sewing desks.

Funny how things come together, So grateful to have my health back, ready to work, and now space to create in arrives exactly when I need it most:)

Thanks, Uncle Terry!
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