Stitching Time

Stitching Time
by Kitty Pearl
The task alike,
Of princess and maid.
Too eager to wait
For thread to follow needle.
ABC and "wish you well"
Assembled somewhere
between floss and canvas.
A sampler is always of Sunrise.
Mistress of patterns and pins.
Silk ribbons into blushing rose,
a regalia of lace and tulle.
The finest takes
But a little while,
Mastery rewarded.
Time stands still
For Noonday stitches.
Constructive or creative,
Will this cloth survive?
As servant and commander,
Mom attends
The broken places
where stitches mend.
And Sisyphus, a proud ally
Smiles the Sun down
On day's final chore.
Doesn't matter
For tired eyes,
Fingers know the path.
By rule of life
Quilting unites
All the blessed layers
Of heart and song and wish.
Slow stitching in the moonlight.
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