Very Valor by Road Home Quilting
This is a fast beginner project. You can substitute patriotic prints in place of a color. Gold can be substituted for white.
This pattern is not yet tested - quilt at your own risk. Please email a picture of your finished quilt and we will include it here.

Finished Block = 9"x9"
Red = 2 x 5" squares
Blue = 2 x 5" squares
White = 4 x 2" squares

How many blocks do you want to make?
Lap = 56 (cut 112 red, 112 blue, 224 white)
Twin = 63 (cut 126 red, 126 blue, 252 white)
Double = 72 (cut 144 red, 144 blue, 288 white)
Queen = 90 (cut 180 red, 180 blue, 360 white)
King = 110 (cut 220 red, 220 blue, 440 white)

Step 1:  Right sides together, match a 2" white square to a corner of a 5" red square

Step 2:  Stitch from corner to corner

Step 3:  Cut the red and white corner off, 1/4" from stitching line

Step 4:  Press the white triangle out, pressing the seam toward the red, making a new red/white square.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 thru 4 making white/blue squares. EXCEPT: Press the seam allowance toward the white triangle.

Step 6: Join new blue squares with new red squares so white triangles are in the center. Beginner Tip: Nesting the white seams will align the blocks.

Step 7 make the block:  Join 2 red/blue units, turning as necessary so all the white corners are in the center, creating a center white diamond. Nesting the white seams will help align the blocks. Unfinished block should measure 9-1/2" sq. If necessary, trim your block to this size.
Step 8:  Almost done! Join blocks, turning as necessary so that blue corners match and red corners match. Continue adding blocks until quilt is the size you want.
Optional Step 9:  Add a white border. 5" wide recommended.
Step 10: Layer with batting and backing, baste (I like spray basting) and quilt as desired.
Step 11: Use your favorite binding method to encase the edges of your new Valor quilt.
Congratulation, you finished!
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