Candy Corn Pillow in 3-D

This Road Home Quilting tutorial, Candy Corn Pillow, features
a unique 3-D effect, Cookie-Cutter Quilting Trick,
and a Treat for using-up extra tiny scraps.

Don't be afraid!

I, Kitty Pearl, will guide you  
each step of the way. 

To begin with, let's do some research.
Get some Candy Corn.

Candy Corn is triangle shaped, but longer in the center than on the base. Banded with white on top, orange in the middle, and yellow or brown on the bottom. So go ahead and use any color for the bottom band. The center orange stripe is the largest of the 3 color stripes. Yum!

Step 1:  Choose 3 fabrics; white, orange, and something else. We are using the adorable
 Boo! to You! by My Mind's Eye from Riley Blake Designs. You will need a fat quarter of each color. [2 fat quarters of each color will make 3 pillows]
Step 2:  Cut fat quarters in half to create 9" strips.
Join the strips into 3 very long bands with orange in the middle.
Step 4:  Press seams flat. Direction doesn't matter in this step.
Step 5:  Make a Candy Corn pattern. [Recycle Tip:  We  use grocery bags for pattern papers.]  Pattern is a triangle, 24" tall with 20" base. Use a cup or bowl to help you draw round corners. Center your pattern over your stripes. Mark both edges of the orange stripe on your pattern to create "register marks," that will help accurately reposition the pattern.

Step 6:  Start cutting out some Candy Corn! [Tip:  We like pan lids for pattern weights.] Flip your pattern upside down with each cut. Remember to use the register marks to re-align your pattern.

 Step 7:  Sort pieces. Some will have white on top, some will have white on bottom. Decide if pillows will have matching backs or reversed backs. Pair pillow pieces. [If making one pillow, you will have a reversed back] Notice that orange band now appears to be the largest stripe. Spooky!
Step 8: Press pillow pieces so that seams run opposite on each piece, and will easily nest together when pillow is assembled.
Step 9:  Layer pieces with batting. No backing necessary. We like spray basting, but any method will work here. Fusible craft batting is also suitable.
Step 10:  Quilt as desired! 
 Quilting Tool TRICK: Turn cookie-cutters into quilting stencils.
Ink holiday themed Cookie Cutters with a stamp pad. Use washable ink if you are stamping on quilt top. We stamped and quilted on the batting side.

Step 11:  After quilting, trim batting with bevel cut. Hold scissors parallel to top. Batting is angle cut to reduce bulk in seam allowance area. Press one last time.

Step 12: Secret 3-D Step Baste curved edges. Pull basting bobbin to gather edges. Easy!

Step 13:  With right sides together, match orange seams, stitch around pillow leaving a hole in side.
Step 14:  Turn pillow case right side out through hole. Remove basting stitches in corners.
Step 15:  Stuff pillow then close hole by hand with blind stitch.

Because pillow is lined with batting, it will be hard to stuff with batting. The battings will want to stick together. This is an opportunity to recycle that box of cuttings and "scraps too small to use." [Admit it, you know you have one too.] Go ahead and stuff your Candy Corn Pillow with scraps. Since pillow is lined with batting, the scraps won't feel lumpy. Sweet!

Optional: Having trouble matching the orange side seams? Hide uneven seams with giant ric-rac.

Congratulations! You created a yummy Candy Corn Pillow made with Tricks and Treats. Thanks for quilting with me, Kitty Pearl, and Happy Halloween from Road Home Quilting
"Hey, where did everybody go?"


  1. What a cute idea. And I love the "model" in the photos.

  2. Cookie cutters, that's brilliant! My mom gave me a huge package of cookie cutters for Christmas a couple years ago, there's 101 in it, I bet it would have some great shapes to use! Love your kitty, thanks for the ideas!

  3. Thank you! We think anything with "cookies" in it is a good plan:)

  4. Kitty Pearl knows a lot. Tell her thanks for the tutorial, they're cute!

    1. Hi Danette, welcome to RHQ blog:)
      Very glad you like the pillows project.
      Thanks for Reading! Happy Halloween:):)


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