Crazy Overlay Crochet

Texture! My favorite aspect of crochet. This new Leisure Arts book, Overlay Crochet: 10 Projects Add Dimensions and Style to YourHome by Kristi Simpson, creates crochet texture in fabulous new ways. “Dimension and style” is no joke here. Look what I made:

Kristi’s book Features a variety of projects:  table décor, pillow, box, hand towel, blanket, ottoman pouf, wall hanging (mandala), granny square style blanket (but it’s not your granny’s style!), and an amazing boho crossbody bag – which is going to be next project, for sure.

I have always shied away from colorful crochet projects because I dislike changing threads. But Krisit has solved that, detailing 5 ways to join yarns. When you use this book, start with the General Instructions at the end (pg. 57). You’ll be amazed at the new tricks even before you dive into the gorgeous projects. Plus, there is a guide at the very end where you can get the exact project yarns Kristi used. I will definitely be hunting the original colors when I try this cover model table mat. Ideal springtime flavors!

Believe it or not, almost all the projects are rated Easy skill level. The Pillow is certainly Intermediate. Box is the beginner level project. My project was this gorgeous hand towel (pg. 48).

LOL – I made a simple mistake right at the begging, setting 9 posts instead of 8. So mine turned out pentagram instead of square and I love it! And it was still easy to finish. I think it looks like a poppy. I’m going to make a few more and see what a blanket of these would be like. Round, I guess. What do you think?

I really love this book – it’s going to keep me busy and happy all year :)

Grommets Decor - Grommets Galore!

I got carried away with the new Home Décor Using Grommets byBillie Steward from Leisure Arts. There are 16 projects in this book!

Most can be made with medium 1-9/16” grommets, so pick-up a large set, you will use them all. And you don’t need any special setting tools for larger sized grommets, did you know that? In fact, the only additional material besides your feature fabric is good ol’ iron on interfacing. Grommet projects are a great way to use up interfacing scraps.

The best thing I learned from this book is that grommets are functional as well as decorative. They give an architectural finish to soft furnishings, while reinforcing handles and ties. And they are a much quicker finish than traditionally sewn openings. You’ll see what I mean – check out Nested Baskets (pg. 20) and especially Step Stool Seat Cover (pg. 56).

And that’s how I got carried away making tissue box covers (pg. 24). Sew easy – fun and functional! And extra classy with grommet opening, don’t you think so too?

The only tip I have on sewing these is press from the inside.

I made this one to match my curtains. I got the mitered edge look by double stitching the seam allowance; adding ¼”seam outside the original seam.

I really loved the look of this flower fabric, so I added a ruffle for a softer finish. Ric-Rac would be an even better edge finish.

This white cactus box cover is fully lined with iron on interfacing, because it was too see-through and wasn’t hiding the tissue box label. Otherwise, I only used interfacing as reinforcement for the box top. A 5" square is all you need.

There are 2 curtain projects in this book, 4 kitchen décor projects, and lots more boxes, pillows, even a lamp shade! Most of these inspire original gifting options too. 3 projects here use grommets to create handy hangers. You can bet Phone Charging Pouch (pg. 35) will be my next grommet adventure. But wait, I need curtains too……..

Go with Quilting Hub Trip Planner

It is our first quilty tech report of the new year. Wait, I mean of the new decade:) Remember I promised to share my favorite Quilting Hub feature with you? Here we go - TRIP PLANNER

To begin, chose the MAPS AND TRIPS button on the home page.
Now, there are several ways to find all the quilty things happening around you.

Tell QH Trip Planner your location. Then set the mileage bar above the map to the distance you are willing to travel. Voila! You have pins marking everything quilting in the given radius. Too much? Un-check the options above the mileage bar to limit your search to just sales or just hops, etc.

Traveling? Set both the TO and FROM locations. Now, limit your search with the calendar bar to see all the quilt events along the road for the time you are traveling.

Need to search for a specific hop or exhibit? Use the OTHER TOOLS menu on the right. Drill down to the geographic region you are interested in. Instead of MAP, choose the MONTH view to see event dates.

And anytime you want specifics for a pin that interests you, use the LIST view. There be all the specifics; address, dates, registration, other notes or requirements. VIEW DETAILS button takes you to the Quilting Hub page for that entry.

Lastly, remember Quilting Hub Trip Planner is Interactive- if you know of an event or shop not listed, you can add it at the bottom of the page.

-off you go-