Blogging in the Storm

At the end of August, me and Mom were trying to post this blog for you. Then all of a sudden the lights went out. There was a dust storm outside and lighting and thundering all over the neighborhood. Then the power was back on, then off again, and I was so, so, so horrified. Now it's raining like mad. The water falling off the window sounded like a lake. About Me: I am Alex and I have a cat named Pearl. I am 10 years old. When I get a job I want to be a paleontologist, a hairdresser, and a photographer for a newspaper. Since I'm good with computers, I said I would help mom by blogging about her new quilt design business called Road Home Quilting. Mom says this will help her work hard so that I will have lots of things to report about. First we need to thank Uncle Terry and Uncle Ken for giving us this computer and camera so we can start our blog. Tomorrow after school I will write about Mom's new Halloween purse pattern with some pictures. On Mondays you can look forwod to reports from my cat, Pearl. She hears a lot about quilting while she walks around and helps mom. We are not going to blog on Sundays. That is break day. Now the rain has stopped.

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