Coffee sponsors blog with gift for Bee

Alex has a sponsor for her blog, it's Quilter's Coffee, our favorite coffee! Quilter's Coffee kindly supports Alex's blog by allowing their logo link here, so our friends can always shop coffee while reading about our family quilting business adventures. But wait there's more! Quilter's Coffee sent individual treats for our quilting bee friends at Gilbert Historical Museum!!! Here is a picture of Alex delivering coffee to the museum. I'm so proud. Her treat box includes:
  • Log Cabin Blend
  • Friendship Star Blend
  • Bear's Paw French Roast (my favorite)
  • Morning Star Breakfast Blend
Yum! And when we got to the Bee, look what the girls were working on: This is Cathy. It's an all blue Baltimore Album, but look closer it has lots of 3D effects: Did you ever see anything like this? Not me. Maybe you know the pattern? Please comment if you do, we are dying to know. Here is Joann, always working hard on the Bee quilts. Look at that applique border. They navy yo-yos on top of each swag are stuffed, and the double blue-bells are also 3D, all the way around the 106" square. Here is Darlene at the Bee with a memory quilt she just finished, and Linda's new baby girl quilt. Here is Laura with the log cabin she donated for raffle to support the museum: Is that awesome or what? Cathy said the only way that Bee could be more fun would be with good coffee, and now we have that too! Thank you Quilter's Coffee for making great coffee just for us quilters, for being our first blog sponsor, and for being so generous in sending coffee for our Bee. You made our day even better!

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