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Welcome to Totally Tech Tuesdays at Road Home Quilting!
Mary Reinhardt is a software engineer and quilter who has combined her talents to create Eureka Documentation System, featuring three easy to use, affordable softwares to help quilters with tedious business operations, and even just be your own reminder.
The Organized Quilter software tracks everything you have, everything you have loaned, and everything you need to buy. No kidding!
  • Books
  • patterns
  • templates
  • pantographs
  • completed quilts
  • the fabric in your stash
  • even thread and more
can all be recorded with provenance, manufacture, quantity, size, and a product of project photo. You can set a chief location and a secondary (or loan) location for every yard and scrap basket! Furthermore, you can print shopping lists of items you wish you had or supplies you need to replenish.
Materials can be linked by planned projects, kits, or by projects where they were used. Best of all, you can search all your materials by category (holiday, for example) or by subject (stencils, quilting designs, etc.).
For only $60, now you can't afford not to be organized.
The illustration above is for a book entry. You can see all fields of Organized Quilter Software at
While you are there, see video demonstrations of Mary Reinhardt's Machine Quilter's Business Manager Software, and Quilt Show Manager Software. You'll be even more amazed at how many tedious tasks Mary has solved for you, and for your next guild show.

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  1. Great idea. I'd love to play with this software...looks promising!



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