Quilting Tech - Vanishing Design Wall from Salt Lake

Happy Totally Tech Tuesday! I saw something truly unique at the Phoenix Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival. A new company from Salt Lake City, no website but you can like them on FB. Vanishing Design Wall solves the problem of where to put the biggest space investment of your sewing center. They have created a design wall, full size 54" x 72", that truly does vanish out of site. Not a kit wall that you have to set-up and take down. This Vanishing Wall stays in a permanent secure home, and shows up quickly only when you need it! And, it is no more expensive than other quality design walls. I can't wait to get one!!!


  1. This "vanishing wall" sounds fascinating!!! Love to see what it actually looks like and how it works!

  2. Interesting. Looks like it's similar to Phantom screen doors.

  3. nice blog! i am tweeting about you! vanishing design wall, very intriguing!!
    marsha spaniel

  4. Thanx for the great review! I'm not sure what fall shows I'm doing yet. If anyone is interested, they can check out my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vanishing-Design-Wall/174674743070
    There are pictures, prices and a short unplanned video clip of how it works! The clip was done with the prototype, and cuts off at the end, but you can get the idea! I promise to update it soon!
    Thanks again, Ronni! Sue

  5. We got to see the vanishing design wall. What a great idea. I wish I had a place for one.


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