Vote for Barn Quilt #7

I joined Facebook today so I could vote in the AccuQuilt Barn Quilt Block Contest.

Please Vote for #7! Very honored to be chosen as a finalsit in the first Barn Quilt contest. The blocks here each represent a local feature of AccuQuilts hometown.
Here are instructions for voting. And while you are in facebook, Be Kiity Pearl's Friend.

Thanks for voting!!!!!
  1. Select LIKE button next to AccuQuilt title on the WALL page/tab [It's tiny and hard to see]
  2. Select BARN QUILT tab
  3. Select the first quilt, on point with an "A" in the middle. This is Block #7
  4. At the bottom of the block photo and before the list of comments is a tiny blue link that says: comment-like. Select Comment
  5. You will be entered in an open field at the end of the comments list. Please leave your comment to vote for #7.
  6. Remember to click the blue COMMENT BOX to post your comment.
  7. YOU CAN VOTE AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE! Voting deadline is Friday, 5/21 5:00pm Central
Thanks again for voting, friend!


  1. Beautiful block. Good luck!


  2. Hi Pearl, thanks for your comment on my blog. I couldn't reply to you because it had you as a no reply comment. You might want to change to include your email in your google profile, just fyi.

    the border int the print on my quilt is just part of the big border. I scalloped the edges to make it look like that little pink part was an add on. I think it worked out cute.

    thanks again! nanette


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