Something Old, Something New

Something accomplished! I received this new canning book for Mother's Day, and finally made time to try a new recipe, Orange Syrup. I didn't have quite enough oranges and lemons for marmalade. And this syrup recipe uses honey and a lot less sugar than marmalade. But I do love marmalade. We'll cook that next time. Or maybe, Prickly Pear Marmalade, or ohhhh! Blueberry-Lime Jam, so many recipes in my new book! There are even recipes for canning seafood, and a chapter on dehydrating.... This book will keep me busy for along time.

I used to visit my Grandmother Lola for her birthday every August, to help with canning beets. Glad I have been able to share that tradition with Alex. We have made blackberry jam and strawberry jam too. Although no one does it like Grandma. I'm very thankful for those summer days with Grandma, in her garden and her kitchen, sharing the simple joys of hard work and homemaking. Grandma always made every holiday special, you know how Grandmas do, but it is these work days that I treasure most.

I want my daughter to know there is a lot more in these two jars then just oranges and honey and a day of chopping and stirring. They hold family tradition. And love under glass to share with our family and friends.

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