Here We Come Sedona

This is Audrey Waite. She is a great quilter, who very kindly invited me and Mom to see quilts in Sedona.
Cocopah North Beads, Shells & Artifacts
at Creekside in Sedona,
currently showing a huge collection of antique and vintage quilts. Many are for sale.
You can tell right away, the quilts are here!

This picture shows some of the other amazing things at Cocopah North. More on beads and stuff  in the next post. Today we are just looking at quilts.

Gingham applique and stitchery Sunbonnet girl with her own blue stitchery doll. Very sweet!

This is Audrey with a Disney themed quilt.

Alice in Wonderland quilt?

My favorite stack of quilts because they're blue. Yay for bluework!

Many stacks of old quilts, all for sale!

Yellow applique! Very nice.
Audrey was so kind to unfold these for my pictures.

These quilts are twins, but one more turquoise than the other.

This top is so old the colors are "fugitive." That means faded into other colors.

This quilt looks like fireworks popping in the same color group. 1930s.

Sedona Schnebly made this quilt. Did they name Sedona after her because she was a good quilter?

 1899, long time ago.

Happy Quilting! Hope you enjoyed our quilt tour of Sedona as much as we did.
Thank you, Audrey, very much!
A famous AZ quilt loaned by the museum. Its is in Grand Endeavors.   

One last stack.
Want more vintage quilts? See more photos of this quilt exhibit in Kitty Pearl's Facebook Album

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  1. Thank y'all for posting such wonderful pictures! I always love to see antique quilts, and there are definitely nice ones in this exhibit!


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