Grandmother's Garden Tote

I'm so excited to be writing a pattern, at last! And terrified too. I know it sounds silly, but there is just no time to contemplate that irony. Someday I will find where all the time goes.
We have 8 more designs in various stages of testing, so we haven't been lazy since we started this blog. Finally decided just to pick one thing and get 'er done... or else. Alex helped with chores, even cooked dinners, so I could focus on figuring this out for the President's Day weekend. I am so proud to say, Grandmother's Garden Tote has been a true family project!
Pearl helped too.
Why was this design so tricky? Because there are no seams, just piecing.
The entire tote basket is English Paper Pieced hexagons.
Yes, even the straps are pieced!
Can't wait for you to see the pattern! Our next goal is to have our pattern published by St. Patrick's Day.
It is actually an easy quilted bag (I can say that now, of course). I wanted to design a completely portable project, that is fun to sew all by hand, and here it is; Grandmother's Garden Tote, a basket from a traditional 'Grandmother's Flower Garden. '
I hope the fun you will have creating yours, equals the amount I have learned in creating mine.


  1. i love this.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have my mother's "grandmother's flower garden" quilt, pieced (NOT paper pieced) by my grandmother. they quilted it the summer before i started high school. it has always been one of my favorites.
    i think i "need" to make this. can't wait for the pattern to be ready.
    need any testers??? lol

  2. Thank you so much, StichnRN, for sharing your special story of your Grandmother's 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' quilt. It is so encouraging to know that our project brings rememberances and smiles. Happy Quilting! --Mom


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