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I found a helper for tackling UFOs and other chores: 3 Quilting podcast shows keep me motivated through even the dreariest tasks. For this weeks report on maximizing the quilting in your sewing room computer, I'm sharing my love of Quilting Stash, Creative Talk Radio, and Creative Mojo. You can listen to these "radio shows" on the Internet too.

Since I can't pick a favorite, I'll talk about these 3 audio quilt shows in chronological order.

 Quilting Stash, "The First Podcast for Quilters," is blog with random podcast links by Annie Smith. Annie talks about her work and life, or broadcasts on the spot from quilting events. Links to Annie's amazing interviews with all your favorite most famous quilters are listed in the lower left-hand blog menu, so don't miss them!

Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio is Monday afternoons on Toginet Radio. [Of course, as a podcast, you can replay them anytime you need a creative edge.] Pat's show just celebrated a first anniversary, congratulations Pat! Creative Talk Radio is one hour long, where Pat visits with two amazing cutting-edge quilters to share what is new in quiltland, and how to "Be Creative, make something today!"

 Creative Mojo with host Mark Lipinski, is also on Toginet Radio. Mark's show is two hours long on Wednesday afternoons, and brand new since September 22, 2010. Creative Mojo includes creativity of all sorts, not just quilting. But mark relates every discussion to a quilter's view. In addition to guest interviews, Mark also has a guest co-host each week. Creative Bonus!

But wait - there's more good news for Cupcakes! Mark Lipinski announced in his Jan. 19, 2011 podcast that he will be starting a second yet-to-be-named Toginet Radio show on Saturday mornings. This show will start in March (or late February?) and be a panel of Mark's creative friends, discussing everything newsy.

So when you need some creative motivation, get Totally Tech in your studio, turn up the speakers and quilt happy while your professional friends share their quilty news and insights.

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  1. Thank you so much for being a listener of my show! I really appreciate you and that you are sharing my show with your readers

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