Apron Book Surprise

Bramcost Publications has chosen Road Home Quilting to review their latest publication, How to Make Aprons: Vintage Patterns for Making Home, Garden, Utility and Craft Aprons.
Are you jumping up & down excited as I am? Not just another apron pattern, Bramcost specializes in vintage reproduction publications. These aprons will be authentic work pieces!
All I can tell you so far, is this book has +30 apron patterns of things you've never seen before: like an apron just for carrying wood, and one just for vacuuming. Do you think I would vacuum more if I had a special apron to help me? You bet I would ;)
So help me anxiously await the mailman delivering our new Bramcost Apron Book. I will post more preview for you THE VERY MINUTE it arrives, and in the coming month you can help me, Alex and Pearl, choose and build a new apron too.
In the mean time, here is a bonus Totally Tech Tuesday report on a Wednesday: Bramcost has 42 Free Vintage Patterns you can check out for all kinds of stitching fun. My favorite is Vintage Button Hole Covers of 1940. See flower button covers above? I've never heard of these. Do you remember seeing these when you were little? Comment here and tell me what your favorite vintage pattern is.
Happy Sewing (and reading pattern books!) --Alex's Mom

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  1. Aprons! Oh, wow, lucky YOU! If you review their apron book, you will be among the first to see it. How great is that? I did look at their site, but I have concluded that the best thing they have to offer is also the newest -- the apron book!I cannot wait for your review. Watch that mailbox!


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