Corvid Applique

Alex has gone camping with the Girl Scouts. Pearl and I sure miss her. It is too quiet here.
In the meantime, I have learned something new. Darlene taught me wool applique!

I have resisted learning wool because:
  • I don't need more UFOs
  • Not a huge applique fan
But Darlene's Blackbirds quilt so inspired me, I had to try it. And guess what, I was so wrong!
Turns out, the mystery of wool applique is the good old fashioned whip stitch. Same as in my favorite, English Paper Piecing. So the only trick is all in the cutting; getting the shape right to start with. Darlene says small sharp scissors are a must. (the excuse I needed to buy new scissors :)
And you know those scalloped dents on the edges of wool applique? Guess what, that's okay!
I had so much fun with my blackbirds from Darlene, I have already finished them. So no more UFOs! All I need to do is pick the right fabric for setting strips. Want to help? Which one do you like best?

Chocolate Butterflies


Postagestamp Cheater print

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  1. Hard decision. These really are not my colors so you can't rely on anything I say. However, I guess I would choose the one on the right. Good luck. I love your birds. I am going to have to try this wool thing too.


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