Having Fun at the Bloggers QuiltMarket Meetup

Last week Mom and I went to Salt Lake, Utah, to the Bloggers QuiltMarket Meetup. Wow, was it fun-and crowded! We had lots of fun and met some really awesome people.

You can see it was a rainy windy afternoon.
So we all moved in-doors.

Mom got to meet her Quilt Blog Hero, Nanette Merrill of Freda's Hive.

That's Mom and Nanette.

Nanette gave everyone these cute rings!

Mom wonders how she made all these rings. Thank you, Nanette, for the rings!

I just want to thank Megan of Brassy Apple for sharing her cool pattern with me. :)
Thank you so much, Megan!

I also want to say thank you to Daria Muirhead from Boutique Cafe for the red bucket of sweet stuff and patterns by Amy Butler.

An extra big thanks to Tammy Howard and her family for bringing this beautiful BLUE bike and real Olympic Mittens all the way from Canada! Check out Tammy's shop blog,  Sugar Town Quilts Co. Did you ever see an LQS with bikes?!?! SEW Creative!
Here are the mittens!

One last thanks goes to Amy Smart, Calli Taylor, and all the sponsors for stuffing the goodybags and making a great party!

P.S. I loved your boots, Jo Packham, and we love Where Women Create!

Here is blue bike and all our gifts in downtown SLC in the mini van we rented. We made it fit in the van! It almost didn't fit.

Mom hopes we can go back to SLC for The Sewing Summit, so we can see all our Quilt Bloggers Meetup Friends for another great party!


  1. Where is everyone getting these awesome looking bikes lately??!! Love it and I am so happy you and your mom had a blast:)

  2. Alex and Ronni! It was so much fun to meet you two! I'm so glad you came and glad that sweet bike has a great home. Hope to see you again!!

  3. I was so hoping I'd win the bike. At least think of me once while you are riding OK?

  4. I smile everytime I think of you winning the bike. It made me very happy.


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