Flags with Weight

Mom tried to hang Flag bunting for the holiday, but it kept blowing back over the roof line. We couldn't even see the Flags because they were sitting on the roof. Has that ever happened to you? Mom has figured out a way to stop that from happening.
What Mom did was really simple. She sewed washers to the back of the flag! Since the flag weighs more than it did, the wind won't blow it away. (Beat that wind!!!!)

Here is a washer on the back of the flag.
Mom used large 1" washers, and put 6 of them around the hem of the bunting.

Since the washers are on the back, no one can see them.
Happy Flag Day


  1. Great tip Mom, will you sew them onto my banners? No?, well okay then I will thanks for the tip. :)

  2. Sew darn cute. I really love the new header. You guys are awesome.


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