Jingle All the Way - in July

Did you hear, I won Jingle All the Way on Notions, the Connecting Threads blog!!! No, not the movie. The Nancy Halvorsen book, of course!!!
Look - it's really hear!
And just in time, too. I've learned that July is the best time to start holiday projects. Otherwise you end up putting on your binding at the Thanksgiving table...but that's another story.

So what does this have to do with Totally Tech Tuesdays? Well, it turns out the nice people at Connecting Threads understand about the the creative holiday timeline. [I wonder if they've ever had to finish a binding on Thanksgiving?]

CT started an online group for people working on holiday and gift projects in 8 craft books, including Jingle All the Way.  The Gifty Galore Quilt Along is a group in Quilt With Us, the social network hosted by our Connecting Threads friends.

Quilt With Us is alot like FB, except everyone there is quilty. There are posts, messaging, groups, chat, everything. Most of all, I like the giant album of members quilt photos. It's nice not to have to visit each friend's page in turn to see their quilts.  The CT Designers are there too, and they've made a whole library of tutorials.

So when you stop by Quilt With Us, visit my page and say "hi". Let me know where you find the quilty group of your dreams.



  1. I saw that display at market. I wish I had it together enough to be sewing for Christmas.

  2. Hello Nanette, I remember coming around a cornet at QM at seeing that booth too! Made me want to run home and quilt!


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