Mom's Color Story

When I went to the cabbage patch to pick-up my beautiful new baby.....

Our entire little town was covered in snow.

But things didn't go well. We had to live there for an entire week. We were never allowed outside. Maybe the whole world was covered in snow. I didn't know.

When we finally got to go home...

...lilacs were blooming....

...and everywhere was purple!

Did you ever crave a color?

I could not get enough Purple.

Why only Purple? Why no need for sunshine and all the other early Spring colors?

Then I realized, of course! Purple is my precious baby's birthstone :)

Now while I like pumpkins and coffee and whatever color my latest quilt is....
I only love purple.

And my sweet baby growing strong and much too fast? Her favorite color is....

Happy Birthday, Alex  --Love, Mom

Need more purple? All these pictures -and more- are collected on our Pinterest Board.
Linky post to For the Love of...Color. Thanks for reading :)

Not just for cupcakes anymore

Mom and I went to WalMart for errands. Mom found a white springy cupcake holder. She said it was just what she had been looking for. I couldn't figure out why we would need a cupcake holder. Mom knows I do not like cupcakes.

When we finally get home, Mom put apples on the places where the cupcakes should be.  Here's what it looked like with the apples. (Don't know why it's sideways. Sorry.)

Mom says we'll change the apples to something that fits each new season. Easter eggs for Easter, tiny pumpkins in the Fall, pears for Christmas, etc. Can't wait to see it next month.

Lauren Bacall's PJs

Etsy is so fun. Along with shopping, and meeting sweet fans, there are also Teams and Treasury. Anyone can belong to an Etsy team; seller or shopper. Likewise, anyone can make a Treasury on Etsy.

An Etsy Treasury is a "member curated gallery" of Etsy features- like a personal shopper of fave finds. You create a 16 item group of Etsy items in the theme that your shopping for. For example, a Valentines treasury could be your favorite 16 Etsy things that are hearts, or red, or romantic, or just vintage valentine cards. See? Lots of variety, even among common ideas.

In creating my latest Treasury, I asked for help from one of my Teams, Vintage Sewing Pattern Sellers and Collectors. "Pretend I am Lauren Bacall, and I would like a PJ pattern form your Etsy shop. What do you have for me?"

Lauren Bacall's PJs is the Treasury I created with the Team's answers. It was so fun! This treasury includes vintage 1940s and 1950s pajama robe patters, and a few vintage costumes. I saw lots of vintage Hollywood boudoir pieces on Etsy too. And some Lauren Bacall art as well. It was so hard to pick just 16 pieces. But in the end I decided to feature as many patterns as possible. Hope you like shopping for Lauren Bacall's PJs.

Etsy Shops featured in this post:

Late January Linky Luv

So far, we have two Linkys to visit this week. Comment here if you have a new Linky you would like added to my Calendar.

See you there! invited us to join their January Blog Hop! (Isn't that nice?) This Linky is for Valentines Crafts. Tons of heart-y craft ideas here, just in time for February. Our Blue Valentine Bunting is #56.

Color! Friday's Linky at A Prairie Sunrise will be For the Love of....Color. I think there is an opportunity to play in the stash here. Well, where else would you go color hunting?
See you here 1/27.

Blue Valentine Bunting

This holiday bunting is so easy - no sewing or gluing, only two supplies:
  • felt ornaments
  • craft ribbon
By now you know my Valentine only loves blue. So when I found these blue felt hearts in the Christmas ornaments section, I had to get them.

Turns out there were 3 in the package, just enough for a sweet Valentines' Bunting.

Used the 1/4" blue craft ribbon to tie felt hearts together.

Added longer ties on the two open ends.  Wish all holiday decorating was this easy!

Button Cookies

Over the weekend, Mom decided to create cookies. These cookies weren't the average chocolate chip cookies. No, they were shaped like buttons.

Pinned Image
Here's what they would have looked like without the chocolate chips. ;)

Mom added a few ingredients, like crushed peanuts and chocolate chips, but it still tasted awesome. Mom saw these cookies on Pinterest. Check them out, I bet you could make them too.

Here is how we made button cookies:

Squish the cookies before backing them.
We used lid from the milk jug.

Poke four holes in the cookie after it's squished.
We used bamboo shish kabob skewer.

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