Half Square Triangle Stencil

Does a stencil count as a quilting tool? I'm saying yes because this stencil helps make perfect HST patches. [Half Square Triangles]

I found this stencil pack online at Connecting Threads. Stencils by Sunday Best Quiltworks, and they have a how-to video on making stencil HSTs. Stencil sets for making HST in 8 sizes.
My set of 4 stencils from Connecting Threads makes HST 1" thru 2-1/2".

pounce, sew, cut. Easy!

And addicting - seriously I could do this all day :D

I'm making 1" patches for Lover's Lane queen quilt because that is the stencil size that fits on the 1/4 yd. blue and white sampler pack cuts I have. Yes, I'm crazy. --Mom
"1" patches, are you crazy?"

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  1. That is so cool! Do they sell them for larger HST'S?


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