Bremen Peeps

My favorite folktale has always been the story of the Bremen Town musicians. Not sure why. Nonetheless, I have long considered quilting something reminiscent of this fable. Felt Peeps at last provided the ideal venue. How do you like my Bremen Peeps mug rug?
Bremen Peeps
This grassy egg background fabric made all the difference. It was just a scrap from a trade, but there was some selvage that said "Jennifer Sampou - Zany for Zinnias." The buggy stripe border is ideal too. Mostly blanket stitching by hand, but I anchored the grass with a decorative stitch and there is minimal outline machine quilting. Daisy is cut from the same spotted felt that made the egg.

Once I had agonized over drawing the felt patterns, the rest of the project was quick and fun. Hope all your spring projects fall into place too.

Happy Springtime


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