Quilting, cars, and painting too

A break in the rain allowed me to get pics of my Depression Blocks for Quilt It! Challenge. It's been raining for days, feels like Spring already. Which is just fine with me, can't wait for
Summertime :)
Alex and her girlfriends picked the border colors. Think they did a good job of not letting my cheery depression blocks get too busy. Still trying to decided on a stitching design for my challenge block. Here are my inspirations: awesome guide book and Quilt It! Pinterest Board:

attributed to Better Homes&Gardens, but link doesn't work :(
Autographed by Harriet!
That is all for my quilting news: stalled on big decisions. Would you like to hear about the Barrett Jackson car auction? Aunt Jan shared her VIP passes with us! Here is my new luv - DeLaHaye:

But the best part of Barrett Jackson was the Aston-Martin VIP Ladies Lounge. For Real! Of course, what goes on in the ladies lounge stays...blah blah... oh, you know I'll tell you anyway: There are furs to try on! And tiny satin handbags covered in rocks under glass. 4 or 5 guys to put your makeup on, sushi chef, sommelier, and this new D8 Aston-Martin for test drive. 

But wait, there is more! Alex and I even took a painting class in the VIP Ladies Lounge. And we were on Speed TV! Did you see us? Here is Alex with our super fun Scottsdale Art Teacher, Ruby.
You probably already guessed, Alex only liked the blue cars. Here is a 1918 Cadillac.
Happy Quilting, and everything else ---Ronni (A's Mom)

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