T Creation for BVB

Saturday was one of the BEST days of my life! I went to my first rock concert. The 4 bands there put on the most spectacular performance! Even Mom was impressed, and she's been to a lot of concerts in her days. But I knew that it was going to be awesome. In my excitement for the show, I made my own band T-shirt for the Black Veil Brides, the main band at the performance.

To make the T-shirt, I first used a white colored fabric pencil to trace out the logo of BVB on the shirt. Then I used white puffy paint to trace over the pencil marks. The next step Mom did was to paint inside the lines with her good Donna Dewberry craft paint. This was a beginners mistake.

We should have painted the inside of the pencil marks and then use puffy paint to outline the logo. There was less puffy paint on the logo then there had been when we started painting it. Either way it will still be an amazing craft if you want to try it.

This shirt needed some shine. So I decided that it would be the perfect idea to cover the BVB in sparkles! Before the paint would dry, I sprinkled sparkles over the BVB logo on the T-shirts. Needless to say, for the next few days, our whole house will be very sparkly.

After covering the shirt in sparkles, I blow dried the paint with a hairdryer on low so I could wear it sooner. The blow drying did wonders to the time it would have originally taken the paint to be dry as our desert soil.

Of course, what would a concert shirt be without a few rips and tears? I took one of Mom's good scissors (with permission!) and cut some wholes on our shirts and cut a sleeve off. I made the last few touches with rips at the bottom of the tee. Some of the wholes were too big, so Mom closed them with "Zombie" stitches in pink embroidery floss. Now this shirt is ready to be seen!

I was overjoyed to get to wear an original shirt I made to celebrate one of my favorite band's arrival. My bands and their music are special to me and I hope that Black Veil Brides knows this and that everyone of their fans feel the same way.


  1. Nice t-shirt! I think it came out great! My daughter who is 14 just went to her first concert in November. It was also 4 bands...I want to say it was Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Tonight Alive and Hands Like Houses. Do you know those ones? Lol. I thought my girl was the only one into these types of bands. Anyway- love the shirt!

  2. Thanks Sanid! I'm glad you think my homemade shirt is nice! I also do know Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens. They're also one of my favorite bands! The other bands, though, aren't familiar with me. And your girl is just one of the billions who is into those bands. Thanks again!


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