Scrappy Summertime Shoes

Now I know why I keep that big basket of strips; perfect stash for
 Rag Garland flip-flops upcycle, plus an ideal birthday present for our 9 year old neighbor, Kala.

The unique feature in our flip-flop creation are these butterfly button/charms by Jennifer Heymen (from the bead section in Micahels). Here's how easy it all was:
shoes + charms + strips (3/4" thru 1-1/2" wide) = FUN!

  1. Loop strips around flip-flop straps (just like a rag garland), then tie in a not for added wearability. Easiest to work from center outward.
  2. Trim ends of strips to 2" long or less (so you can't trip on them).
  3. Hand-tack charm at center.
  4. Ta-Done! Go outside and enjoy:)

1 comment:

  1. Super cute! We did these as a Bday activity for Amanda's party one year. I cut the strips with a wavy blade rotary cutter which added interest.


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