Teddy Bears with Friends

When a new member is being welcomed to a family, it is customary that gifts are presented. Our friend Tracy is adopting this summer, and she asked Mom to help create a teddy bear matching the baby blanket Tracy quilted.

This is before the finishing touches of felt!
That blue heart on the pad of the paw was done by yours truly!
The face looks cute doesn't it? But which eye is better? This one...
... or these flowery ones?

Mom also got a chance to use the stuffing skill she learned from Mhairi. Plus, Mom liked this bear pattern; Simplicity 5461. She said it was challenging, but not too hard. I bet anyone could make a bear like this.


  1. WOW
    You have done a great job, I am sure he will become a much loved toy. Just a thought, if it is for a baby it might be safer to use felt for the eyes and add a tiny dot of white paint at the 10 o'clock position. Babies tend to chew off buttons and then swallow them!!
    But if you want to go with buttons I love the flower ones, they seem to match the fabric better.
    Really love the teddy, you have done an amazing job!!

  2. That's adorable! Love the flowers but think it might be safer to use a satin stitch for the eyes if it's for a baby.

    The little heart on the bottom of the paw is so cute. Nice job!!


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