Triangles, Rolls and Patterns, oh my!

Today was filled with a new lesson. Mom and I visited Mulqueen quilt shop where Nedra   demonstrates  Triangles on a Roll "perfect paper piecing product." It was simple, easy, and can create really beautiful patterns!

Triangles on a Roll consists of two ways to create patterns. One is using 2 triangles to make a full square (aka half-square triangle). This sounds easy and just really is easy. Nedra's guidelines show how to stitch 1" through 4" hst squares by scroll. No chain piecing! Don't worry if you think you've messed up. With so many stitching guides, it is impossible to mess up on these paper piecing rolls. When finished making the squares, just pull off the paper guidelines and look at your perfect square!

Nedra shows how to use Half Square Triangles on a Roll

3 quilts on left are composed from HST Rolls
The second way of using her paper piecing magic is using degrees. Sew & Fold Tri-Angles works  for 3" and 6" inch triangles, in 22.5, 36, 45, 60 degrees. It's just like the other version and still as simple, except you cut triangles first with matching rulers before paper piecing . These patterns are so simple, beginners can use these. 

This is an example of how to use the degree paper piecing.

Christmas Pyramids is one of the 8 patterns Nedra and Denise have
created for Triangles on a Roll.

Denise  and Nedra have been Quilting Buddies (and old movie fans) for three years. This is Denise's Fred and Ginger
split hexagon pattern created with 60degree Tri-Angle.

Mom likes Fred & Ginger too:)
You'll see Nedra and Denise at major quilt shows this year. But it you can't wait, patterns are available in Cactus-Needle Etsy shop.
Get rolls and rulers at Triangles on a Roll.
Happy Quilting!

Coming soon:
Can you guess what Mom is up to next?


  1. Those look really neat!! I love all the things you can do with triangles.
    Thanks for sharing! Happy summer!!

  2. That method looks interesting with the right pattern. Looks like a fabulous shop. Prickly pear jelly time?


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