Triangle Roll Trees

I used 36 degree Triangles on a Roll to piece a forest for my wintry quilt. 36 Triangles make ideal Christmas trees. Use the same Triangle Roll foundation paper to piece trunks for your trees. Here is what I mean: 

Use 36 degree Triangle on a Roll Ruler to cut green (tree) and blue (sky) 6" triangle. You need one more blue than green pieces. Follow Triangle on a Roll paper instructions or Tutorial to Sew & Fold tree tops.

Cut 2.5" strips of blue (sky) and enough 1.5" x 2.5" brown (trunks) to match the number of trees you have pieced.

Using the same Triangle on a Roll paper, working right to left, center one trunk at the point of a "sky" (upside down) triangle. I like glue stick to hold first piece in place.

  1. Right sides together, stitch blue/sky strip to left side of  brown/trunk piece. Fold blue piece open.
  2. Align next trunk piece over blue strip, right sides together, 1/4" from center of next down triangle point. Pin in place. Stitch on left side.
  3. Cut blue strip 1/4" from stitching line. Fold trunk piece open (right side up).  Return to step one.

When all trunks have been pieced, match tree paper roll to trunk paper roll. Right sides together, tops of rolls facing.
Mark center of first tree and first trunk to align rolls.

Follow stitching line on roll, stitching 1" from edge of paper for perfectly matched forest.

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